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  2. Fucking Dark Star - I love that god damn song.
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  4. When Jazzfest leaves you wishin', It's time to go Phishin'
  5. When I saw the Bluesfest lineup I thought I had officially entered my Jazzfest years. But now that I see the Jazzfest lineup I feel frightened and alone. Hooray for The Roots, at least.
  6. I will probably post this another thousand times.............
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  8. To late? Birthday boy on 07/07/2010
  9. Caught JRAD at Cleveland's Masonic Temple this past weekend. Lucky enough to be second from the rail and right in their glorious pocket. Russo just blows my mind every time and it was such a pleasure to watch him do his other-worldly thing from up close. An incredible setlist and an interesting venue. Couldn't help but wonder what kind of shit went down there in the past. Many launch-pad moments into the ether. These guys don't let up. Can't wait to see them again this summer at Peach! Set 1: St. Stephen Playing in the Band Crazy Fingers Cosmic Charlie Scarlet Begonias I Know you Rider Set 2: Shakedown Street I Need a Miracle Cryptical Envelopment Eyes of the World The Other One Cryptical Envelopment Dancin' in the Streets Encore: Look Out Cleveland (The Band) One More Saturday Night
  10. I appreciate they are doing this but this won't get me to battle the crowds. Cool though!
  11. Someone posted this in the Phil thread on PT. No idea what I am watching but this is fucking incredible.................
  12. "My 11 year old was telling me today just how much he loves Box of Rain." That has been the lullaby song I sing to my son when I tuck him into bed. One afternoon a few years ago he heard it for the first time and lost his marbles. I bought last night's stream and listened to the second set tonight. Holy fuck, Benmont Tech is a perfect keyboard player for Grateful Dead music. Complete with a grand piano! For reals, this second set tonight kicked so much ass. s1dealoperatorhigh timeking beejedBrokedown*Sugarees2violaJack strawcaution> truckinchina doll> **terrapin>morning dew *E:midnight hour * lovelight**w/sisters of the strawberry moon** Benmont sings
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  14. Edit to add his revised comment was "mom, I don't know, I just really love this song. Just the feel. But, Lesh wasn't the sharpest singer though was he mom?" Ha. On point
  15. Mega mad love for Father Lesh and I do not take for granted the anticipation of seeing him play again this summer at this stage in his life. My 11 year old was telling me today just how much he loves Box of Rain. I explained the origins of the song to him. I'm always taken aback by what sticks with him. Ha. The things that bring us pride...
  16. I know what I am doing tonight.
  17. Radio Canada is giving away 108,000 records. http://www.cbc.radio-canada.ca/en/explore/french-services/calls-for-interest/
  18. Roots are great, Brad Mehldau is really great and yeah Chicago seem to be the highlights for me. Not really whelmed over here.
  19. RobL

    Ottawa Jazzfest

    yup super suprised about the lineup. nothing gets me excited
  20. Watch the one above and then watch this one
  21. ```.......even though there is a diaspora of Deadheads..........``
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