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  2. Really? Source? (Curious, not doubting.)
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  4. I think it's very interesting that CATS will continue without him. At his request.
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  6. https://www.jambase.com/article/neal-casal-tribute-theres-a-reward-lineup
  7. Despite coming of age in the peak of the cheesey 80s they certainly had some hits that I still play from time to time. 75....older than I would've guessed.
  8. Rare live video recording of pre-Brothers and Sisters "Ramblin' Man" (a good 10-months before Brothers and Sisters dropped), with Chuck Leavell and Berry Oakley (he died 9 days after this concert). Great version, if not sad given the events surrounding the time-frame:
  9. Only happens if everyone in the band plays for flat rate, except chris who gets 98% of $ from shows, merch and any future albums. Despite what Gorman says, I dont see it happening. Rather the continuing saga of competing shitty crows cover bands featuring various ex members. Cant wait for his book though, who-boy time to air the dirty laundry!
  10. Freakbynight and I met with Daniel's brother, Dick (Dick Johnston is a funny name combination to me). He let us watch their warm-up and then invited us to join them for dinner at a korean joint. Daniel wanted to stop at the comic book shop on bank street first, which is where I captured this photo. Over dinner, they let me record an impromptu interview with Daniel which I later used in a podcast that Freak and I recorded. Sad that he's gone now. He left a helluva legacy as an ultimate indie artist. Of course later on there was a rough show at Zaphod's. His local pick up band were pretty solid. Here's a clip.
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  12. Sad, a real tortured soul Mike got to hang out with him a bit in Ottawa...I think there are photos somewhere on this site of him in a music (or comic book?) shop here in town.
  13. https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/the-black-crowes-drummer-says-its-a-safe-bet-to-assume-chris-and-rich-robinson-will-be-back-together-playing-music/?fbclid=IwAR0E51L__I8U5eujo4InX0uiFh6NxqtJf8EuYdTEId9tCYBlp-vyj62DRiE
  14. https://www.npr.org/2019/09/11/759904906/daniel-johnston-acclaimed-singer-songwriter-dies-at-58
  15. That is a fantastic Dead show. The Other One made it onto a mix tape whenever we were going to trip balls.
  16. https://instagram.com/benj_rowland?igshid=1o5aov0rtas4d
  17. Not sure if you tracked down the defunct “The County Boys” or not, but Benj Rowland was the banjo player. You could message him on Instagram https://instagram.com/benj_rowland?igshid=1o5aov0rtas4d
  18. If it has been uploaded to the archive then Brad's work was done, as far as I am concerned. He was big on making sure the band was 'ok' with that. If a band told him not to put it on BTREE or anywhere, he wouldnt do it and made it his own personal collection. I loved that about him.
  19. Things are going well, I've taken several names off the list and have mailed out almost a dozen packages so far, with several other people arranging to pick things up. I haven't managed to distribute a fraction of the CD's yet, but I'd say it's almost two spindles gone so far. This after the easy dump of about a half-dozen spindles to local musicians last year when I first picked these up. I tell ya, Bradm went to a whole lot of local shows. It's gotta be a record.
  20. I'd be interested in any recordings of House of David Gang, High Plains Drifter, Aaron MacDonald Band ... I could help pass along Diesel Dog recordings. I believe BradM recorded Fertile Ground, The Slip, JSB, GTB shows that I was a part of.... although I think many of those are up on etree. Definitely open to getting some of those recordings, thanks for thinking of me . I'll send you this as an email now. BIG UPS TO BRADM!
  21. I can help with Dead Man's Hat/ Dead Man Shat
  22. I'm trying to get Jay's attention in another thread. If I do I'll mention KS as well.
  23. holy shit that is a helluva a task that you've taken on and no doubt will be appreciated by the recipients. Jay Cleary should be able to help with King Sunshine as he used to promote them and i wouldn't be surprised if he had info on some of the others. Contact and Spin Cycle ring a bell but i don't have any recollections of members or relations.
  24. Hey everyone, I've undertaken the dubious task of returning Bradm's recorded shows to the bands. I've contacted 70+ bands in the last three days but have hit many dead ends. Do any of you know how I can get in touch with any members of the following bands?: A Plot Against Me Azuris Aurum Billy Mayzrk (sp?) Bomb Squad Clark Contact Digs Free Rein Grassroots Deviation Keryn Ellis Mandrake Root (is this the same guys as Chickenhead?) Mike Sasso Moonraker New Shady Groove Project Gold Ron Nick Brad Sarah Metzner Smokestack Sojourn Special Ed Spin Cycle Stefani Jaxsn The Nixon Tapes The Uptown Strugglers Tier Three Tom Foolery Twelve 34 Ubuntu Virgule
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