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  2. Very cool. Kind of a celtic vibe. His voice still sounds great. Some beautiful vistas in that vid.
  3. https://pitchfork.com/news/david-gilmour-shares-yes-i-have-ghosts-his-first-new-song-in-5-years-listen/
  4. https://www.jambase.com/article/grateful-dead-workingmans-dead-the-angels-share-outtakes
  5. Really great to see you plugging on ersh! Hope you're doing well as can be. Thanks for posting here for some of the non social media folks.
  6. Cool! Glad to see you staying in shape. Keep fit and have fun!
  7. this is 2020. the proper heckle is /r/alfredhoward
  8. Brad Barr Collaborates with Alfred Howard on New Track “Coauthors” - Jambands.com
  9. Original prog-rock Supertramp, doing a very aggressive cover:
  10. Hey All! Hope everyone's doing good out there. I've been streaming 6 of 7 days for the last 2 months on my facebook (jeff thoralf heisholt) page. Just freaking out with a pile of synthesizers. Weekdays at 10am EST, and Saturday night at 10pm EST. I upload my fav sets to my youtube page... and have also started a weekly radio show currently airing on The Hawk 101.5 in Hamilton, and CFRU in Guelph 93.3 Fridays and Wednesdays. Give my youtube page a subscribe, and check out the streams! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzBOqXn4Ok6pi4DRYJjkgbg?sub_confirmation=1 Thanks!!
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  12. I have a vague recollection only. It was a while ago.
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