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  3. Free Umphrey's stream tonight!!!! Someone let deranger know there will definitely be some cover songs.
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  5. Thanks for the insight. I have been on one cruise (not jam) during my life and I remember thinking if only the music was actually good....
  6. It was my first time on the cruise. It was a great opportunity to see a lot of current jambands that I wouldn't otherwise be seeing. It was a ton of fun and we saw a lot of music, but it was a marathon! I got seasick too. I recommend doing it for sure, but I don't think I'll go back right away. The vibe is super though, it's very laid back and not at all sketchy
  7. Nice! I got to get to one of these jam cruises someday....
  8. Caught a few CATS sets with Eric Krasno on Jamcruise. He did a great job, very enjoyable. I still prefer to listen to their albums at home rather than in a live setting; it's just too mellow for a live show for me.
  9. I love original music and regularly support it all the time. I also love listening to talented musicians tip their hats to and or reinterpret covers. I'm not sure one detracts from the other or that its a zero sum game. If its good its good and if it moves me it moves me.
  10. a. c-towns ain't "woke" b. " will [we] get to a point where new original music is the exception, and cover bands and repetition of the old is the rule "......hell no, it would've happened decades ago c. as JFD said " its about having fun. Going out on a Friday night is about having fun " d. we're all gettin old and our perspective is also whack on a number of levels. me especially.
  11. I'm sorry if I offended anyone in this day of the woke individual. I'm simply curious to know what other people think about the preponderance of cover bands and what it says about the choices music audiences are making, not necessarily the performers themselves (though the two are obviously related). Are the musicians I'm apparently cutting up following the lead of the audiences who want to see/hear cover music? Or are they making the choice ahead of demand, believing the audience prefers it?
  12. Your dislike of cover bands is not going unnoticed. I would be more interested in hearing some new, original music recommendations from you instead of reading about you cutting up what working musicians choose to play live.
  13. I feel ya bro. i have some reservations against cover bands although I have played in those types of bands over the years. This show will be a lot of fun, the band has arranged the music for a full horn section, keys, bass, guitar, drums, lasers, multiple vocalists.. it's not about artistic expression, its about having fun. Going out on a Friday night is about having fun - and Daft Punk doesn't tour so here's a way to enjoy their music played live. Some great musicians on the line up members of Tupperware Remix Project, Maylee Todd, KC Roberts & Live Revolution, The Royals... .
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  15. vacancy rates are pretty low generally but the good news is that a train line goes through Carleton U so any neighbourhoods along on that trainline are worth checking out- green one here
  16. I wonder if the world of live performed music will get to a point where new original music is the exception, and cover bands and repetition of the old is the rule. Is this a reflection of what the audience wants? Imitation because of its familiarity? And if it's not even close to the quality of the original, why bother with poor imitation? Is it just familiarity, accessibility and nostalgia rolled into a sub-par copy? Or is the demand for the original music so great it creates copies simply to satisfy it? In that vein, I'm working on a new (old) music festival called Really Dead Fest featuring nothing but Grateful Dead cover bands. Cant see how that wouldn't be a success. Also, its probably already been done.
  17. Toronto’s own 8-piece band plays the music of Daft Punk – return to the stage in January 2020. The Daft Punk Tribute are: La-Nai Gabriel- Keys / Vocoder / Sax / Lasers Aphrose – Vocals Nevin Dunn- Tenor Sax / Vocals James Ervin- Trumpet / EWI / Guitar Matt Giffin- Keyboard / Vocals Mike Eckert- Guitar Michael Carrillo- Drums Ryan Spratt – Bass Special guest DJ: Sara Simms GENERAL ADMISSION TICKETS: $22.60 + HST & Service Charges (available at Soundscapes, Rotate This, Play De Record, and online: https://www.ticketweb.ca/event/daft-punk-tribute-mod-club-tickets/10023755 ) VIP BALCONY TICKET: $45 + HST & Service Charges – Only 100 Tickets Available – Exclusive VIP Balcony Access with Private Bar – Personal Concierge to escort you into venue (text on arrival) – Line Bypass (available online only at: https://www.ticketweb.ca/event/daft-punk-tribute-mod-club-tickets/10023755 ) Friday January 24, 2020 9:30 pm - 1:30 am 19+ Cover: $22.60 + HST & Service Charges
  18. NuFunk Concerts Presents14th Annual Bob Marley Birthday TributeLAZO & EXODUS - THE BOB MARLEY EXPERIENCE ft. LAZO Finn former vocalist for The Wailers & Juno Awards Winnerplus Reggaddiction, Rayzalution & Pressure Drop DJsSaturday February 8th, 2020Lee's PalaceDoors 8pm, Show at 9pmExodus, Reggaddiction & Rayzalution bands perform hits by Bob Marley for a heartfelt tribute to the reggae superstar and political activist. Special guests vocalists & DJs will help set the mood at Toronto's most exciting Bob Marley Birthday Tribute.Food Drive for Parkdale Community Food Bank$20 at the door, $15 with non-perishable food donation Online Tickets: http://bit.ly/MarleyTOThe Parkdale Food Bankhttp://www.pcfb.ca/The Parkdale Community Food Bank is a grass roots organization, founded by volunteers in 2007 and serves 3,000 people each month. Located on King Street West in the heart of Parkdale, the philosophy reflects a strong commitment to a client-based model, where respect, inclusion and the dignity of their members is the first priority. The food bank uses a shopping system, as opposed to the more common hamper system to maximize selection and respect member's various dietary needs. The Food Bank has only one employee and relies on 50 committed volunteers.With no direct funding from any level of government, The Parkdale Community Food Bank raises all of their funds independently and are depend on donations from individuals and events like the annual Bob Marley Birthday Tribute.Lazo & Exodushttps://www.lazomusic.com/Lazarus J. Finn (aka Lazo) began his music career at 15 years of age with a band called Black Blood, whose very first album charted #2 and received extensive airplay in the Caribbean. Soon after immigrating to Canada, Lazo formed his own band, Unity, to showcase his original compositions. Upon relocating to Toronto, ON, he created Lazo Reggae in Toronto, and released the well-received recording, "Satisfaction Guaranteed." Lazo subsequently produced two solo CDs, "Something Real" and "Impetus," for RAS records in Washington, DC. He was the first Canadian artist signed to the label."Impetus" was such a strong effort that it was the first independent album to chart on Vancouver's Z95.3 (Top 30). Lazo's music video, "Crucial," produced by Video Fact and RAS Records reached #3 on the charts in Guyana, South America. It also received extensive play on the Caribbean Satellite Network (CSN) and rotated heavily on Black Entertainment Television (BET) in America. Lazo's 2010 release, "Passin Thru" (Y.T. Records) brings out the best in him. It is a true testament to his songwriting abilities, a must for industry and fans alike.Lazo tours tirelessly throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. His list of international venues and festivals is ever growing, such as Brazil's Carnaval de Salvador, El Salvador, Argentina, and more. In 2010, he toured the United States and South America as a member of the world-renowned Wailers. The group was Bob Marley's original backup band, featuring Aston "Family-Man" Barrett on bass, and the legendary Keith Sterling on keys. The South American leg of the tour included African Reggae Star, Alpha Blondie.Additionally, Lazo fronts for Craig Martin's Classic Albums Live: Bob Marley - Legend. He performed at venues such as Hard Rock Cafe, House of Blues, and many theatres across the US and Canada. Lazo's band Exodus is an amazing tribute to Bob Marley. His spirited show to the famous reggae artist is a must see.Reggaddictionhttps://reggaddiction.com/Delivering cross-over vibes, refreshing vocal harmonies and powerful instrumental riddims, Reggaddiction is one of the top bands within the Canadian reggae scene. Single releases from the band’s highly anticipated upcoming Neil Young reggae tribute album have received stellar reviews and national airplay on CBC Radio. The band opened up for the legendary Sister Nancy in early 2019 and is currently planning an upcoming album tour.Rayzalution (Ray-zuh-loo-shun)https://www.facebook.com/rayzalution/Rayzalution is an all-female reggae band from Toronto, Canada. Combining heavenly harmonies with exceptional musicianship and dynamic performances, this powerhouse of talented female musicians capture their audiences with their very first note. In November 2019, Rayzalution set out on a USA East-Coast tour with the queen of reggae Marcia Griffiths and veteran dancehallartist Lady G. During this tour, the band performed in multiple states alongside these iconic women. Despite the band being together for only three years, the band was fortunate to share the stage with multiple international reggae acts. The band is currently in the studio working on their first EP to be released in 2020. Rayzalution objective is to represent and showcase female musicians and to deliver reggae music expressing the love, peace, togetherness and spirituality needed in our worldtoday! Rayzalution is a force to be reckoned with in the industry.
  19. edger

    RIP Neil Peart

    What a range of life experience, what a loss, and what an inspiration. Sad news. Rest easy
  20. Ya the whole secondary market thing continues to be completely deflating
  21. Super pricey tickets (unless you're ok sitting behind the stage) Would still love to go, but damn this shit is getting stupidly out of range for non-wealthy music fans.
  22. I cannot believe this incredibly sad news. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/neil-peart-rush-obituary-936221/
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