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  2. Goddamn motherfucking Ray Price. Feel blessed to have seen him live.
  3. How about that Ruby Waves? HOLY FUCKBALLS!!!!!!!!! 2 listens and I fucking love that last stanza. Summer Tour 2019 peak right there, although I havent listened to many show so please keep that in mind before you at me. Seems like they built their entire summer tour to that moment. Reminds me of the Dead's 1991 > 1992 Shakedown Street that kept building upon itself until they creamed all over the Chicago show that summer of 1992.
  4. Booche

    Tame Impala?

    Killer in concert. I saw them sober, aside from 3 or 4 pints during the show, and walked out with a full-on acid flashback. No joke. I was dumbfounded at the shimmeringly sparkling colors the world had to offer. Glimmers everywhere. You are gonna love it. And SaggyBalls? Check out King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. They will blow your fucking socks off. I am about to see them my third time in MTL this August. Australia is producing some insane psychedelic music right now while we are lucky some come to our country.
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  6. Great show. It was his first time playing Toronto. The room was just over half full, but the energy was huge. Stuck around to chat with him afterwards and thanked him for writing Earthlings Hopefully, he & the band will be back again soon.
  7. dang, same day as my free Groovin in the Park event. Never seen these guys... good live show?
  8. Last time they sang together (duet) was in 1994 apparently.
  9. Last week
  10. "Special mention goes to the monster Fenway set" Couch toured that one and fucking loved it..........the moment I read on Twitter it was gonna be a one set show I was all in.
  11. I can't believe I didn't see you at Mohegan Todd! I felt like I saw dozens of people I didn't even know were going. Glad you enjoyed it, I loved the whole package of the venue, casino, quick room access, food options, no driving etc. To be fair to the rugged vets, I have not ever been to Vegas, let alone Vegas for Phish so my mind was on total overload the whole time. As for Phish, I saw them play 3 out of 4 consecutive shows over 6 nights (no Night 2 Fenway for me) and I didn't see them play tour stalwarts like Tweezer, 2001, Harry Hood, Mike's Song (maybe the oddest since I got 2 [?] Weekapaugs, Split Open and Melt, Carini, Down w Disease, Fluffhead, Divided Sky, as well as so many others that are somewhat frequent like NICU, Funky Bitch etc. I, for one, loved hearing the new music and watching a band oozing with creativity and with a renewed fervour that I can't recall from any 35 year old band. Some of my highlights included the newest songs like Beneath a Set of Stars, Everything's Right, Say it to me S.A.N.T.O.S, Mercury, More, and I really loved I've Always Wanted it That Way. Since Rochester 99, I think that is the smallest venue I have seen them play and all of the the preshow reports of "not a bad seat in the house" were totally accurate. We sat in the third row of the stands behind Kuroda night 1 and were on the floor for night 2 (next to Isbella Anastastio and her crew- weird) about 30 rows back in the middle. Sound, lights (except for those red security lights in the hallways behind the 100 level partition), and crowd energy were perfect. The crowd night 1 was like NYE levels of energy, I think the sunrise patio parties took a bit of wind out of the sails of night 2. Mohegan was a party of epic proportions. If they have us back you can be sure I'll be there again. And for those who opted to not go due to the tight ticket situation, let me tell you that if you were at all, even minimally connected, tickets were readily available. But overall, I do doubt that will happen because due to the double booking of Phish and a girls dance competition. I have seen a couple of horrible reviews from those dance parents - not surprising. But what was surprising is that I did also hear a lot of folks complaining that they didn't serve alcohol past 1am and started confiscating alcohol by 2am at the outside parties. Seriously though it was 2am on a Tuesday in CT and Phish threw down unexpectedly until midnight. My opinion is that if you need that last drink late night, keep your head about you and do it discretely or just go up to any number of party rooms. Security was dealing with nitrous tanks and zombies everywhere (in my experience this was happening even at 1020am when I was heading down for breakfast), a crowd that was not respectful of other guests at the resort, and was just generally raging. Also it was really interesting that people complained about beers being taken away while many joints and even lines were being consumed in front of said security, who only wanted to maintain the casino liquor license and told us so at every turn. "Ladies and gentleman from the Big Cypress Indian Reserve, The Phish!"
  12. I’ll be there! On the lawn? If I were up front I’d offer to stub ya.
  13. If it weren’t for this forum I’d likely never have spent the hours and hours and hours (and hours) I have blaring the waves and ripples from the mind of Kevin Parker (et al). I haven’t seen much about the Toronto date or anything after the show. I’m looking forward to one of my only concerts of the summer being in Toronto. Here’s to all of it,
  14. Bones, so sorry I missed this one. How was it?
  15. Just finished a little six night run and it was fabulous. Special mention goes to the monster Fenway set and both Mohegan Sun shows. Great times with good friends, which is a lot of what Phish is about. Oh, and Toronto was the very definition of great times with good friends.
  16. omfg. i thought this was an announcement of the guy that always wears a beach boys cap.
  17. edger


    Oh wow! That's great news. Now if they'd only venture reasonably close or get back on the festival circuit. Seeing them at hookahville a few years ago was great times
  18. c-towns


    New album out July 19th!!!!
  19. woot woot see you tonight !!
  20. Booche

    Epic Covers

    This is deliciously as fuck, much like everything he did. Huge props to my brother for consistently trying to wake me to the genius that was Prince. I cant even fathom how much of a struggle that was for him..........especially once I became obsessed with the Dead and then Phish.
  21. next week, hippies- therefore:
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