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  2. Collingwood keyboardist, Jay Stiles, has been living in Austin, I wouldn't be surprised if he's being considered. Check this video he did with Big Sugar's Gordie Johnson. Gordie played a lot with Rich over the years.
  3. Who's in for next year? Tickets went on sale yesterday. They moved the date up to the 1st weekend in July. I'll be there again in 2020!
  4. Word on the street is that they are rehearsing in Nashville, looking for new players.
  5. Circles Around The Sun Begin Tour With Eric Krasno Set: On My Mind, Gilbert’s Groove, Halicarnassus, Hallucinate A Solution, Immovable Object, When I Was At Peace, One For Chuck Listen at link: https://www.jambase.com/article/circles-around-the-sun-eric-krasno-seattle-setlist-audio LMA https://archive.org/details/cats2019-10-16.akg483.flac24
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  7. amazing. I'm trying to track down my past, thought I might find some clues in the forum... and what do I do? I click on the official jellied salad thread. nope. no clues here... as you were!
  8. I admit to being very wrong about this. Be interesting to see who they get to play in the rest of the band. And how much tickets will cost. The book is awesome for fans of the crows. Gorman doesn't hold back at all. Some amazing stories about the band.
  9. https://liveforlivemusic.com/news/report-black-crowes-reunion-2020/ Don't know if Neal's passing has anything to do with this or if the money would have compelled them regardless. Seeming likely
  10. Do Funk Halloween Skratch Bastid, The Soul Motivators, DJ John Kong & DJ Quesquecest Do Right & Nu Funk present DO FUNK! HALLOWEEN feat. The Soul Motivators (Live) w/ Skratch Bastid + John Kong & DJ Quesquecest Thurs. Oct 31, 2019. 9PM Supermarket 268 Augusta Ave Toronto. M5T 2L9 Tickets Facebook Paul Murphy, better known by his stage name Skratch Bastid, is a world renowned DJ and producer. He is a three-time winner of the coveted Scribble Jam DJ Battle and is currently a global ambassador and judge for Red Bull’s Thre3style DJ competition. Known for his comfort and versatility in different styles – hip hop, funk, disco, club, rock and just about anything that makes people dance – Skratch Bastid has showcased his skills in over 30 countries. Every summer he celebrates his culture in various cities across through an event series called Bastid’s BBQ. In 2016 he was nominated for a JUNO Award for Instrumental Album of The Year for his collaboration with The Afiara String Quartet – proving that he’s just as comfortable in the studio as he is on stage. With unrivalled technical skill, a sixth sense when it comes to play selection and an infectious charisma on stage, many have said that Skratch Bastid is probably your favourite DJ’s favourite DJ. The Soul Motivators are a 9-piece, 3 horn deep funk explosion, with a rough, tough, and soulful flair that motivates people straight to the dance floor. Finding the right groove means digging deep. With a love of vintage soul and funk, The Soul Motivators have mined their musicality to bring you a fresh revival of a retro sound. Featuring numerous veterans of Toronto’s thriving underground Funk scene, The Soul Motivators are a 9-piece, 3 horn deep funk explosion, with a rough, tough, and soulful flair that motivates people straight to the dance floor.
  11. BradM toast @ Irene's tomorrow, just thought I'd bump it with my favourite line of his. His uploads at the Live Music Archive Photo c/o Bouche
  12. Jim Lauderdale Pens Letter To Robert Hunter, Late Grateful Dead Lyricist https://americansongwriter.com/2019/09/jim-lauderdale-pens-letter-to-robert-hunter-late-grateful-dead-lyricist/
  13. I.must.own.this: https://happymag.tv/the-allman-brothers-release-incredible-new-live-album-fillmore-west-71/
  14. Watched the webcast last night. Bittersweet. Learned a lot about Neal I didn't know, heard a bunch of great artists I wasn't familiar with. Hearing CATS play without Neal was different, kinda sad even, but still kicked. I love what they are doing though, I could listen to their music all day long. Great to see Steve Earle there, was sorta surprised, and was expecting to see CRB, great little set by those dudes. Over-all a really enjoyable evening of stories and music. 5+ hours.
  15. I got banned from the Metropolis for Concert spelunking. never again.
  16. Concert spelunking. Featuring opening act Greta Thunberg.
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