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  2. Been a while, hippies
  3. ^ Big Wreck, Moist, The Tea Party, The Headstones tour for those who don't want to linky poo.
  4. Don't feel any jealousy of him being in Florida. It is 6 degrees in West Palm this morning
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    Never lost power, thank goodness!! Impressed. Wind was totally nuts. The lane had well over a metre of snow, but it got cleared yesterday and i went to the grocery store today!! Velvet was/ is visiting his mom in FL and hasn't been able to get home. He would love to be here logging about the storm!
  7. VERY tempting....sucks that it's a Tuesday but hey-o..... if anyone knows a pre-sale code, it'd be appreciated. https://nac-cna.ca/en/event/25237
  8. very cool! any Newfoundlog-stylez snow updates, phorbesie? looks like you have internets at the very least.....
  9. phorbesie


    Radiohead Public Library! Radiohead have launched a new online archive of their work, called Radiohead Public Library, as well as releasing previously unavailable rarities to streaming services. Hosted at radiohead.com, the site features archival material grouped around each of the band’s nine studio albums, including music videos, live TV performances, artwork and the group’s quarterly w.a.s.t.e. newsletter series. It also links to the frequently bizarre, nightmarish and labyrinthine previous iterations of their website. “Radiohead.com has always been infuriatingly uninformative and unpredictable,” the band wrote on Twitter. “We have now, predictably, made it incredibly informative.” Visitors can create a downloadable library card, featuring a QR code that takes the holder to the website for data protection initiative GDPR. Out-of-print T-shirt designs from each era of the band’s history can be custom-made via the site. Each of the five band members will curate a selection of the archival material on their social media channels this week. The band have also uploaded songs that were previously unavailable on streaming services, including their first ever release, 1992’s Drill EP; the 2005 song I Want None of This from charity compilation Help! A Day in the Life
  10. We were able to get a pair behind the stage upstairs. If you are willing to wait I wouldn't be surprised to see ticket prices drop on the ticketmaster site in the week and days just before the show.
  11. July 18 https://www.saintsandsinners2020tour.com/
  12. Free Umphrey's stream tonight!!!! Someone let deranger know there will definitely be some cover songs.
  13. Thanks for the insight. I have been on one cruise (not jam) during my life and I remember thinking if only the music was actually good....
  14. It was my first time on the cruise. It was a great opportunity to see a lot of current jambands that I wouldn't otherwise be seeing. It was a ton of fun and we saw a lot of music, but it was a marathon! I got seasick too. I recommend doing it for sure, but I don't think I'll go back right away. The vibe is super though, it's very laid back and not at all sketchy
  15. Nice! I got to get to one of these jam cruises someday....
  16. Caught a few CATS sets with Eric Krasno on Jamcruise. He did a great job, very enjoyable. I still prefer to listen to their albums at home rather than in a live setting; it's just too mellow for a live show for me.
  17. I love original music and regularly support it all the time. I also love listening to talented musicians tip their hats to and or reinterpret covers. I'm not sure one detracts from the other or that its a zero sum game. If its good its good and if it moves me it moves me.
  18. a. c-towns ain't "woke" b. " will [we] get to a point where new original music is the exception, and cover bands and repetition of the old is the rule "......hell no, it would've happened decades ago c. as JFD said " its about having fun. Going out on a Friday night is about having fun " d. we're all gettin old and our perspective is also whack on a number of levels. me especially.
  19. I'm sorry if I offended anyone in this day of the woke individual. I'm simply curious to know what other people think about the preponderance of cover bands and what it says about the choices music audiences are making, not necessarily the performers themselves (though the two are obviously related). Are the musicians I'm apparently cutting up following the lead of the audiences who want to see/hear cover music? Or are they making the choice ahead of demand, believing the audience prefers it?
  20. Your dislike of cover bands is not going unnoticed. I would be more interested in hearing some new, original music recommendations from you instead of reading about you cutting up what working musicians choose to play live.
  21. I feel ya bro. i have some reservations against cover bands although I have played in those types of bands over the years. This show will be a lot of fun, the band has arranged the music for a full horn section, keys, bass, guitar, drums, lasers, multiple vocalists.. it's not about artistic expression, its about having fun. Going out on a Friday night is about having fun - and Daft Punk doesn't tour so here's a way to enjoy their music played live. Some great musicians on the line up members of Tupperware Remix Project, Maylee Todd, KC Roberts & Live Revolution, The Royals... .
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