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  2. Nice Bouche, I'm on the JamKazam too... I've had some great and not so great jams on there. I'll find you on there!
  3. that's sounding great. have you tried remote jams with JamKazam? can be tricky to setup but it is remarkable software.
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  5. Garcia Volume 15 is hitting the spot right now.... starting off with a crazy 17 minute escapade between Jerry's guitar and the B3
  6. I enjoyed the Audible Brutality interview, nice to see you pushing the boundaries with your playing.
  7. Neal Francis' album Changes from 2019 has been my favorite find this year. Super 70's new Orleans funk vibe
  8. With a vaccine on the horizon, Ticketmaster/LiveNation needs to get their business back on track and is probably looking to implement any type of system that can show that events are safe spaces... and I can see that all types of hospitality industries are going to implement similar systems. The future looks bright with the vaccine announcement by Pfizer and Moderna, but big brother will be watching us even closer.
  9. Yup! Discovered Sam Prekop's solo stuff. Sam's other band is The Sea and Cake. His new album COMMA is quite rad.
  10. Right on Dave. Keep on rockin' in the free world.
  11. Turns out that playing guitar in a improv focused trio is actually my favourite thing in the world to do. By a very strange turn of events, I've started a project with Chas Guay and Matt Aston called Original Sound Track. I was introduced to Chas years ago in PEI by Punk. Chas was his bass guitar mentor coming up. So Chas now lives in Ottawa and we got something started around Sept 2019. This band is really like 90% pure improv at this point. That being said, I feel like we are tearing a hole in the universe weekly and honestly that is pretty much everything I need from music. Posting hand held jam room recordings weekly here: https://soundcloud.com/user-77130993-304645937/nov-11-jam-3-m Looking forward to maybe playing for people someday
  12. MIXTO FESTIVAL:INTERCULTURAL EXPRESSIONS FREEONLINE EDITION November 27-29, 2020 www.mixtofestival.com Imagined and produced by a collective of local artists and cultural presenters who have joined together to host a multi-day festival of music, food, and art. This year’s MIXTO Festival brings old school flavour to the internet! The weekend-long event highlights Toronto's “mixed” nature through regional and international programming. A three-day online festival bringing together diverse local music and bridging communities, cultures, and contemporary intercultural experiences with live performances, DJs, zoom parties, workshops, and discussion. All delivered online for free! Live-streamed from Toronto to the world via www.mixtofestival.com, and live to air on CIUT 89.5FM (Toronto). Live performances by: Witch Prophet Bruno Capinan Aline Morales, co-presented by Lulaworld Up North Reggae Jam w/ Steele, Tasha T Music, Eyesus + Alicia Cinnamon DJs: Bianca Maieli me time Sofia Fly Win Raf Reza DJ General Eclectic Higher Heights Selectors Workshops: FLY LADY DI Beny Es Guerra of New Tradition Music Derek Thorne Full line up and streaming details: www.mixtofestival.com
  13. Cool interview with Jeff here. https://audiblebrutality.com/episodes/blog/audible-brutality-episode-9-jeff-heisholt-of-current-fantasy-interview
  14. Was hoping that reading this would make me hopeful but admittedly it just feels icky on multiple levels. Perhaps scalping will be a thing of the past as a result but good lawd....hard to envision having the same opportunity for transcendent life altering experiences amidst such a heavy cloak of surveillance. The process of getting through the door sounds very expensive & exhausting. https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/touring/9481166/ticketmaster-vaccine-check-concerts-plan/
  15. Turn it up for Make It Funky’s #FunkRaiders v.6 the best global funky bass, DnB & Breaks livestream, tomorrow(Sat. Nov 7th)!This special installment includes 2x UK Beatbox Champion Beardyman, breakstep innovator Deekline, trailblazing production team @AllGoodFunkAlliance, emerging bass-heavy, funky house artist Rumpus soul brother TheGaff plus regulars Farbsie Funk, Maculate,DJ Aiden Scott,DJ Quesquecest, Mista Twista andDJ Tanner. 3PM to 3AM. more visit www.makeitfunky.ca SCHEDULE IN EST TIME 3PM | DJ Quesquecest | www.twitch.tv/nufunkrecords 4PM | VJ Tanner | www.twitch.tv/djtanner98 5PM | Aiden Scott | www.twitch.tv/djaidenscott 6PM | Beardyman | www.twitch.tv/beardymanananan 7PM | Deekline | www.twitch.tv/junglecakesdnb 8PM | AllGoodFunkAlliance | www.twitch.tv/allgoodfunkalliance 9PM | The Gaff | www.twitch.tv/thegafflive 10PM | Rumpus | www.twitch.tv/rumpusmusic 11:PM | Farbsie Funk | www.twitch.tv/farbsie_funk 12AM | Dj Maculate | www.twitch.tv/djmaculate 1:30AM | Mista Twista | www.twitch.tv/mistatwista
  16. incredible. thanks for sharing!
  17. Trump or Biden. Wish us luck. I actually had another but it has passed me bye for now. Hope you all are well. I thought of you guys after reading a story from Aljazeera. about Bill 21. Pretty crazy.
  18. SlipClips was good last night, you guys 💃
  19. Hello friends! We are back with some sound treats and sick beats! First up is our ode to Ottawa's rich football tradition, a look back at our youthful indiscretions and a grim portrait of where we stand today. Enjoy! Union Of Authority - Ottawa Rriders
  20. Jack White from SNL on October 10th, playing an Eddie-designed guitar, and doing a tribute tapping. Killer performance:
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