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Evolve 4 Festival Movie

Jay Funk Dawg

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Farmhouse Productions, the Halifax-based film production company

and creators of “The Air Guitar in Oulu” documentary which aired on Bravo TV

this past week, are busy putting the finishing touches a concert film entitled


Filmed at the 2003 Evolve Music and Awareness Festival, “e4,” features

performances and interviews with The Jimmy Swift Band, Chris Brown and Kate Fenner, Luther Wright and the Wrongs, Grand Theft Bus, Hot Toddy, High Plains Drifter, The Wassabi Collective, DJ Mark Farina, Halfway Tree, Blue Quarter, Booty Juice, and an exclusive interview with Evolve 4 headliners Medeski Martin and Wood. The Evolve film encapsulates the festival experience and performances at one of Canada’s Largest Youth Culture and Social Awareness Festival.

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There is now a new EVOLVE Preview Available for Download, it's a minute and a half and features:

Booty Juice, Grand Theft Bus, The Wassabi Collective, High Plains Drifter, Universal Soul, Chris Brown and Kate Fenner, The Jimmy Swift Band, Blue Quarter, Andru Branch and the Halfway Tree and Luther Wright and the Wrongs.

I hope that wets your mouth for the upcomming Ontario and Atlantic Canada viewings!

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definately agree....the concert footage is great...very well done movie, for sure...on a personal level, i thought there were some moments that you would have been great to see on film again, namely from Grand Theft Bus' set, but then again, i certainly have no idea what they had to work with in the editing room...overall, a couple thumbs up from this cat...and jaydawg...cleary, i assume? i got your email, bro, i'll send you a disc of the high plains drifter images from there ASAP...i'll also send you a proper email about it...just didnt want you to think i forgot about it...



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I'm pumped to get those photos...

did any one see the evolve photos Scott did?

check 'em out here:


I think the colours and shots are awesome... Being a photographer must be a great way to get close the band...

The EVOLVE Film has yet to be released in Atlantic Canada, the momentum is building folks!

Check the recent review:

Review: E4 by Kate Holloway

A new film offers highlights from an intimate Canadian jam/beats festival held every year in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Dubbed E4, for the fourth annual Evolve Music and Awareness Festival, the film is not so much a documentary as a series of concert vignettes culled from the best moments on the main stage, a picturesque barn with a massive sunflower affixed above the stage.

The folks at Evolve spared no expense on the stage footage, employing multiple camera angles and a tracked steadycam directly in front of the stage. The results are intense close-up shots of the performances as well as the blissed-out audience, captured directly from the rail. Interwoven with the performances are great shots of the festival-goers, sunning themselves, attending workshops, and wandering around the spectacular farmland venue.......

read thes rest of the review here: http://www.farmhouseproductions.ca/coverage_feb23_Kate_Holloway.htm

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haha, cheers jay, very much appreciated...

yeah, its definately a great way to get close to the band (provided the bands dont mind that i get that close..wouldnt wanna tread on their turf, haha), and its really just a different way to experience the music...you kinda get to "see" the music take shape in a different way....its weird, but thats mainly why i like doing it...

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i was never there, but i got a copy of the show last week, and i'd have to say that is is a good mucis video, and the wassabi jams rocked, but considering i wasn't there and am thinking of going this year i would have really liked to see a few shots of what else was going on,, it didn't really give a good idea what the festival was like.

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