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are very pleased & excited to inform you of a couple of great shows we have coming our way, along with some new developments taking place in our world.

We'll start things off with the shows...



The recent surge of great musical groups pioneering sounds at the forefront of the live electronica movement including SOUND TRIBE SECTOR 9, THE NEW DEAL, & PARTICLE have another amazing band to join them in their quest to erase the lines seperating live & electronic music.

Discover Entertainment are extremely happy to present show #1 in what is sure to be a long, healthy, & music filled relationship with Vancouver's underground sensations...


Inject is Amrit Basi (electronic and acoustic drums), Jamie Lubiner (guitar, bass, guitar-to-midi conversion, and synths), and Peter 'Fish' Fisera (synths). Unlike much electronic dance music, Inject is 100% LIVE (no sequencing, no loops, no click tracks, no turntables) & highly improvised, covering many styles ranging from jazzbient and downtempo through tech-house, trance and breaks, and into drum&bass and jungle.

Every gig is a different experience with the band drawing from the energies of their crowd and driving their sound to get you off your seat & onto your feet... moving your bodies to the rhythm & the beat.

Friday July 11th

Side Door Cabaret

2291 West Broadway (@ Vine St.)

ONLY $5.00!!!

**show starts at 10:00 pm**

check out the amazing sounds for yourself at



Next week, we're extremely happy to once again welcome out one of Eastern Canada's best groove representatives when we present Montreal's...


Serena Southam - Vocals

Paul Malin - Guitar

Mike Felber - Bass

Mark Hoeppner - Keys

Shaun Bronstein - Drums

With their soulful female vocals, beautiful songwriting, & high energy live performances, Hiway Freeker are sure to satisfy listeners of all shapes & ages. Originally formed in New York City in the Spring of 2001, the Freeker moved North to Montreal in April 2002 and have spent much of the last year touring extensively & playing such established venues as NYC's Knitting Factory and The Rivoli in Toronto (as well as everywhere in between). This relentless touring has earned them a reputation as one of the best new bands to roll into the Canadian scene.

Their debut CD 'shark' is compiled entirely of originals written by guitarist Paul Malin, bassist Michael Felber, and songsmith Jared Shore. This variety in songwriters provides the band with the opportunity to push stylistic boundaries, as is certainly exemplified on 'shark'.

Thriving on live performance, Hiway Freeker guarantee a hearty 2-set show full of different musical stylings including country-pop, funky R&B, experimental improvisations, & straight-up blues... really anything goes.

Be sure to catch the Freeker as they bring their infectious blend of grooves through Vancouver next week.

Thursday July 17th

The Fairview Pub

898 West Broadway

$7.00 @ the door

**show starts at 10:00 pm**

Check out more from Hiway Freeker at


plus some of the amazing press they've received at



And now last, but most certainly not least...

We here at Discover Entertainment have spent the last year attempting to build a healthy 'groove' music scene here in Vancouver that was strong, lasting, of the highest quality, and CONSISTENT. We had originally set up residencies in a couple of Vancouver's live venues (Green Room, Fairview, Waldorf, Side Door) as well as throwing the odd presentation into other local venues (Arts Club).

Recently... Discover was offered, and accepted, the full-time duties of taking on the Entertainment Management position at the Side Door Cabaret in Kitsilano. We felt that accepting the offer was in our best interests as it would give us an exclusive canvas on which to begin painting our masterpiece. The room has given us complete autonomy on decisions of entertainment, and we have already instituted the initial steps towards completely changing the format & identity of this room (and eventually the NAME!!). We are currently implementing the initial changes we felt were necessary to change many of the people of Vancouver's attitudes towards "The Side Door". We are also working on a number of ideas & future plans that will be geared towards changing this room into Vancouver's first & only 'New Groove' venue 7 days a week.

We hope that the changes we make will meet with the approval of Vancouver's growing community of musicians & live music supporters... and we hope that we're successful in creating a room that everyone will be happy to call their 'home base'.

here is a look at the immediate changes that we have already instituted into the room format. Expect even more radical change to take place over the next few months as we look to secure our position in this marketplace and move forward towards operating Vancouver's most enjoyable live room.


The Side Door Cabaret

2291 West Broadway (@ Vine St.)


Kitsilano's only venue licensed for live performances & dancing till 2:00 am

Kitsilano's BEST drink specials

NEW entertainment format featuring some of Vancouver's best live & electronic dance music

NEW casual, comfortable, & spacious room layout

pool table & tournaments

UNBELIEVABLE daily drink specials

fun, cutting-edge bands & DJ's for your dancing pleasure

fun & friendly staff

no cover charge Sun-Wed - $3.00 Thurs - $5.00 Fri-Sat

good music, good people, good times


We wanted to create a room that would be enjoyable for almost anyone to visit, with a little piece of everything from the dance music world... and we're well on our way to doing just that!!


LIVE Jazzyfunk & groove with


Kynkayd are in the business to move. Whether it's dishing out ambient-tinged sound swells or pounding out their renown stadium-sized superfunk, this all original 6-piece are serious about taking their blend of sexy, jazzyfunk grooves to the next level.

featuring: Kent Wallace (trumpet), Gareth Seys (trombone), Richard Daubin (guitar), Adrian Lock (Keys), Shanto Bhattacharya (bass), & Gregor Phillips (drums).


Classic hits of the 70's, 80's & 90's

Classic Jack

We're big fans of Vancouver's newest radio station, and it's always fun getting together to party & reminisce over the great music of past generations... so Tuesday's the night to go back & get down!!


cutting-edge electronica


A rotation of DJ's bringing you the freshest sounds from the UK & around the globe.

Thursdays & fridays

LIVE electronica & new groove acts guaranteed to get you dancing


A chance for us to show off some of the BEST live talent Vancouver has to offer... as well as other amazing acts coming into town from abroad.

Thursday July 10


funk & groove

Friday July 11


live electronica

Thursday July 17


funky house

Friday July 18



Thursday July 24


live funktronica

Friday July 25


rock & dub

Thursday July 31


jazzy drum & bass


Old-skool breaks, hip-hop, & funk


Featuring DJ AVI SHACK (from CITR's 'These are the breaks") along with his community of friends & fellow DJ's


Getting back to basics

Groove School

A forum for local musicians to try out new material, solo sets, and open jams with other musicians from Vancouver's groove community.

So there you have it.

Come on down to check out what we've done with the room, check out some of the amazing talent we've lined up, and see for yourself the promise that the future holds for our little Kitsilano venue!!

... Discover the possibilities

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