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These guys have been on the EVOLVE main stage 2 years in a row.

"Kate Fenner Rocks!!! She's my favourite singer to see in New York City."


"They are intellegent and soulful"


I can't wait to see these guys in such intimate venues!!!

just read this on www.chrisandkate.com

MONDAY January 12, 2004

The Gumboot

1056 Robert's Creek Rd.

Robert's Creek, BC



TUESDAY January 13, 2004

Wise Hall

1882 Adanac St.

Vancouver, BC


with Po Girl (featuring Trish from THE BE GOOD TANYA'S)

5 more shows on Vancouver Island (www.chrisandkate.com)

Rumor has it they will be on the line-up at Bonnaroo this summer.

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I went to the show at the Wise Hall last night

Po Girl started around 9:00 and played a very nice one hour set. Trish was really solid on guitar and banjo and their little fiddle player was great. I have never heard a drummer play with such a soft touch. The highlight of the thier set was when the lead singer whistled a verse and then battled solo licks with the fiddler. Chris and Kate joined them at the end of their set and played a couple more songs with them.

After a short break Chris and Kate came back and took over the stage. They were a lot of fun. He can play a mean Clav and she can sure belt out the Gospel tunes. She has a great rich voice and is really enjoyable to watch. However she played a bunch of her new songs on guitar and it was not as impressive as when she was being accompanied by Chris on Keys. Towards the end of thier set they called out Sarah Harmer who happened to be in the neighbourhood. Chris sang a duet with Sarah and then called back Po Girl to wrap up their set with a big jam. The encore was comprised of a couple more songs with everyone on stage. Thier jamming was fun to watch but not amazing musically. A few to many 'funny' notes and clashing vocal harmonies. Chris and Kate wrapped up the night on a high point with one more of thier tunes. All in all a fun night of vocal music in the 'Couv'.

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