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Drive-By Truckers in Vancouver next month


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I saw them last time they played at Richard's, it was a good night. I don't think I will be making it over this time unfortunately. I'd really like to make it, but work is keeping me here. Friends are saying that the shows with Shonna have been great. These Guys (and now Gal) rock in the grittiest way. Gotta Love The Rock Show!

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I went to the DBT show on Tuesday

Here is the review I posted on Upstream Entertainment:

Location: Dicks on Dicks

Sets: 1 Monster 2 Hour set with an Encore

Puff Down: Doobies and Smokes all over the place

(The Band was smoking cigs and pounding JD during most of the show)

Decibals: Pretty Damn Loud (but not too uncomfortable)

Band: 3 Guitars, Bass (buxom blond woman) and Drummer ( he had one giant crash cymbol and one floor tom in addition to snare, kick, hat and ride.

Quote: (with thick Geogian Accent) "We've been walking around this City all afternoon drinking good beer and smoking good weed. Dang it, this sure is a nice city"

This band was a lot of fun. Good straight ahead southern rock along the lines of Skynyrd. Each of the guitarists sang lead vocals and played guitar solos. None of them were kick-ass singers but for twangy rock it was fine. The three guitar parts melded together quite well with all kinds of variations (all 3 playing the same chord progression in different positions, one guitar soloing, two guitars harmizing lead lines, or then 2 or all of them soloing at once). They played at many various tempos from ballads to quick two-steps and had a nice flow to the enitre show. None of the guitarist played 'incredible jaw-dropping solos' but it all sounded nice an raw. All in all it was good night of old fashioned Southern Rock with a bit of 'Billy and not so much Gangsta.

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