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Phil McCraken

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The Little Fink Who Could.

Once upon a time, the was a little portugeuse eating machine called The Fink.

This little eating machine was by no means like any other eating machine. This eating machine had a recurring nightly dream of being locked up in the Hoagie House ™ in Kingston with a girl. This girl would be the one for the Fink too, as she would slice the beef, man(woman?) the grill, melt the cheese, chop the onion, slice the tomato, shred the lettuce, shake the salt and the pepper, all to be assembled into one, or two, or three or four, giantly greasy cheesy bundles of heart warming, blood clogging, goodness for the Fink's insatiable appetite.

....continued by DavyBoy in next post.

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So one time, Fink worked at Toys R Us. Well, any new employee that was hired and looked somewhat like a female, was soon asked on a date by the Fink. Guaranteed. Clockwork too. One day, he and I are working together and our manager is bringing over a new employee so that we can be properly introduced. They are a good 20 yards away and Fink looks at me and says "I saw her first, she is mine"

Remember that Finky?

Her name was Heather........

The moral of the story?

Watch out for Finks on the prowl. Or Barretts for that matter (as long as you have a boyfriend/husband first though,if not you are pretty safe)


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The Fink then took two weeks to find out about this girl. Meanwhile Brad took 5 minutes. Every girl the Fink went after, Brad pretty much "Been there done that". The Fink was really slow, and still is. That's why he still asks engaged women out on a date. But like ALWAYS, he gets shot down.


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