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Where's Waldo Brennan


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in this picture (click the link).........

by the way, its Andrew Brennan ya'll be looking for (hope that doesnt stir up any nightmares for you Mrs Andrews)

First person to email me with the correct response gets a CDR of either Phish or the Dead (dependent upon my moooooood)


Hurry up folks because this deal wont last long

email: darkstarotherone@hotmail.com

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aboslutely: Ab"os*lute*ly

adv 1: without further ado; where's the beer; "an aboslutely wonfurdel painting"; "my, those tits are perky"; entirely at a loss for words; "i onez zaw the dead play here and i swear jerrrry's guitar wuz on the drugz, not me"; [syn: wazza?, nuzza, baaaaawwww!!!]

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