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If you could?


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Ok, now that the obvious funnies are out the window, my 3 choices are:

1. Norm Macdonald

- It'd be hard to eat with him around cause you'd be laughing at all his cock jokes.

2. Nostradamus

- so I could whip some mashed potatoes at his face and say "I bet you didn't see that coming". That'd probably make Norm laugh.

3. John Hancock

- can you imagine the ribbing that guy would take from Norm?

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Ok...now the real ones...

I can't pick the Dixie Chicks, cause that's all three spots. One of them, I don't want any ways. But I would invite,

1. Jessica Alba

- I know that she really isn't a Dark Angel, but she is an angel.

2. Faith Hill

- I'm pretty sure that her and Jessica would get along really well, and shucks, that just makes it easier for a threesome.

3. Dan Castenella

- so he can be Homer and make us laugh all night.

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Iche.... Jennifer Love Hewitt! Damn...

Ni... My Girl Laurie In Ottawa! Sweetest girl ever!

San... I once knew a girl named san but I wouldnt invite her, shes got issues, but Id invite Bouche cus he always has good conversation, he could play us soem dinner time tunes on his guitar and then he could take care of Jennifer after dinner for me!

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