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Fink's Hair


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Sorry I take it back.. with posts like these you should write a book... or a pamphlet... whatever

I bet Barrett was dreaming of chicken last night. My guess? It was 1:44am, Barrett was finishing up his boozing and had either just eaten a snack or was about too. Then he read about the KFC....


I like tacos

specially juicy moist ones

Mexican Americans like to go to night school, take spanish and get a 'B'

Bend over Fink so Rob can give you a hut, hut, hut!

nothing in here but us POTATOES

You dumb-asses.

Brut or High Karate work just as well.......

Then you get drunk and hit on your friends' girlfriend and you've got it covered

Oh yeah, we are getting drunk again....

At least it isnt a picture of his ass, I think.............

I am always hammered when I get there so i really am unsure of where I am......anyways, a little booze, lots of grinding and grunting and a drunken Barrett......

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