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Napster revisited


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Now, we all know that napster is a piece of shit, as far as software and database design goes. For one thing, there is absolutely no naming convention whatsoever, and there is no indexing. The "artist" and "title" have nothing to do with your search.

So how in the hell do they expect to 'block' certain songs? Well, they can't. Not easily anyways. They can't enforce how people name the songs, so they can't block them.

Also, the burden is on the recording industry to provide the songs and their permutated names to Napster. Good luck.

Of course, they are only worrying about the TOP 100 Billboard songs, and 200 Billboard albums! HAHAHA! Anyone download any of those lately? I suppose it might hurt someone downloading She Loves you, because that "Beatles One" album is on the top 200 album charts.

So, today, I see the victory has been handed to music lovers. All those people that want to download Brittany Spears, or Eminem, may just have to start listening to the good stuff...that's still free.

There's the judging story if you havent' read it yet.


Also, check out http://www.napigator.com

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