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hey cats!

check out http://www.theottawaxpress.ca

click on film reviews, and scroll down.

Theres a totally insulting review of Phish, and their scene.. let alone the movie.

I encourage you guys to write xpress and tell them what you think..


I couldn't believe the sarcasm, ignorance and lack of research that review displayed..


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Post your letters here please.


I amazed how you could publish an article by someone who obviously hates everything to do with the subject.

I am of course referring to the review of Bittersweet Motel,

by Shelley Devoto that really only projected a strong bias against Phish, and their phans.

I feel badly for Shelley, however, since Napster will be banning the top 100 billboard hits, she won't be able to easily download her type of music. Wait, did I just make negative remark towards the reviewer without even knowing anything about her? I shouldn't do that. As I have no idea what music she listens to, she really has no idea what it is like to be at a Phish concert, with Phish phans.

Did you know that there are lot of wonderful, happy, kind, productive people that are phans of Phish? Every phan I know is.

Mike Bouchard

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(I think I went overboard)


I was saddened to read your review of Phish Documentary, Bittersweet Motel, turn into a review of the scene they (phish) have created and the people/bands associated with it. Although Shelly Devoto would never know it, (because she's probably never left Ottawa), there is a scene not that far south of the border slowly trickling into Toronto and Ottawa , an honest scene. In which the bands can play, the people are friendly, and the vibe is welcoming and fun. And it's not some sad 60's revival. (encompassed in bands like Phish, MMW, moe., string cheese incident... ie-the real underground). I'm sure Shelly would rather watch Creed play the same choreagraphed set over and over, but I'd rather be amazed by incredible ingenuity, originality, musicianship, and energy that can move tens of thousands.

You know what? I'm going to count this article as a blessing, the scene is big enough and doesn't need ignorant, negative, judgemental people that report on things they haven't researched and know nothing about.

Jay McConnery

p.s. >The "reported" 8 hour set, was the biggest millenial concert in the world, with Phish playing to 100,000 fans at Big Seminole Indian Reservation in Florida, from midnight to sunrise.

ps.s >Everyone I know goes to shows, and they all work, and are productive, rule-abiding, positive members of society, thanks.

ps.s.s > It's because of you these bands don't play here.

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Well I must say that I am thoroughly disappointed with your article on

Phish this week. Especially coming from a publication like the XPress. I

just don't understand what was going through your mind when writing this

article, it's just ridiculous. Implying things, such as the Grateful

Dead and Phish aren't musically talented? Then I must ask what you think

of as being musically talented. Perhaps seeing Our Lady Peace belt out

an eight song set brings a smiile to your face, and if so I really do

feel sorry for you. Although I will partially agree with you on the

Grateful Dead fact, that they weren't the most musically talented band,

I completely disagree with you on the Phish front. To play an eight hour

set and have over 100,00 screaming fans camping out for two more nights

must say something about your band...Phish Millenium Concert in Florida.

All I know Shelley is that your article has both disappointed and

confused many dedicated XPress readers. Have you ever listened to a full

Phish CD from beginning to end. The music they play is both beautiful

and powerful. Granted their lyrics aren't the best in the world,

musically they are one of the most talented bands in the world. But I

guess that I am just a lazy hippy who doesn't work or do anything! What

do I know. I know good music and good people having an incredible time

listening to music that makes you feel good inside. That's all I have to

say Shelley, I hope you give the band another chance and really listen

to them, your mind should change. Take care.

Jordan McConnery

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Articles such as the one written by Shelley Devoto on the film by Todd Phillips, Bittersweet Motel , give the Ottawa Express a bad name. I had, up until I read the

article viewed the Xpress as a kind of left of centre paper, which promoted understanding and fought against the injustices of the oh-so dangerous trait of

stereotyping (don't get me started- I'm liable to bring up the "P" word). I had initially intended to give my opinion of the film and the band, but that is a moot subject.

Ms. Devoto's personal opinions on the legacy of the sixties and her lack of understanding of a style of music not only make for lousy reading1, it promotes dismissal

of things not understood. What I get from reading her article is a person who is more interested in stating personal opinions (without backing them up with facts or

actual musical knowledge), than informing the reader of actual merits or demerits of the film (or the music genre!). In dismissing the hippies of the sixties as being

worthless, apathetic leaches on society, she simply shows her ignorance of some very real facts. Some of the most influential and intelligent people in society today

are Deadheads and/or hippies. Hunter S. Thompson. Francis Ford Coppola. Al Gore. Neal Cassady. Branford Marsalis. Any positive points she makes about the

film come across as being an afterthought, then she purposefully closes by calling the band, "godawful".

To top it off she comes up with the line, "We are perplexed at the site of 70 000 Phishheads taking in ....... a festival ....... in Maine." WE ?!?! Overtones of ,"We

are not amused". Do the editors of the Xpress see these articles before they get printed?

What this amounts to is, at best, bad journalism, at worst promotion of intolerance. I must say- I am offended.

1Why should we care what her opinion is of the genre of music- is she a musician? Because she doesn't "get it" after watching 90 minutes of the band are we to

assume that the fault has to lie with the band or the filmmaker? Has she done anything to try to understand the talent and commitment that underlies the "extended

jam variety" of music in general?

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