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Kimock had an Incident with the Cheese at the Warfield on March 8th during their Winter Carnival Tour. Joining in the good energy, Kimock inspired the band and audience with his explosive improvisation and profound musical expression. In classic Kimock form, he initiated musical conversation as the jamming elevated and the collaboration explored new territory, much to everybody's delight. Kimock joined the band mid-way into the first set for Footprints (also an SKB standard) into a blistering jam of Round the Wheel, where Kimock brought the music to a new level, and everyone on stage stepped up and passed solos back and forth. For set two, Kimock came out with the Cripes for Lonesome Fiddle Blues and reappeared for some more jams, into Lovelight and then continued playing for the encore- a classic bluegrass tune, Please Come Home. Altogether, it was a night that rocked with Kimock in the house!

3.8.01 | Warfield | San Francisco, CA

Set 1: Lively Up Yourself, Open Wide¹, Orange Blossom Special, Barstool, Water, Footprints*, Jam* > Round the Wheel*

Set 2: Lonesome Fiddle Blues*, Got What He Wanted > Jam² > Tom Thumb's Blues, High on a Mountaintop, Way Back Home, Joyful Sound* > Lovelight*³

Encore: Love Please Come Home*

Guests: * with Steve Kimock on guitar Notes:

¹ with Slipknot! teases

² with Another One Bites the Dust verses

³ with Blue Sky teases

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40 bucks and no less

I am a money-hungry-like-the-wolf kind of MF now bud. Time and labour is money. Those CD's you brought down were burnt by ME! You had no part of it (aside from bringing them down). I did all the work while you sat on your can and watched TV or watched us hang balloons.

What do you do at work all day?

(I think I better add in a 'hehehehe' here or we would see you do the funky chicken)


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