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is there a tune nero should be playing?

Davey Boy 2.0

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I think don't nero should worry about playing any more covers. .. But if you guys are really looking for something special to cover, i'd like to hear that cute little bass player rip into the baywatch theme.. He looks like a little like a young red-faced David Hasselhoff himself, and I wouldnt have a problem watching him run down a beach.... CODY!!...

IN FACT!! I often lie, drenched in the bathtub, and fantasize he will break though the door, chest hair dancing in the breeze, and drag me out of my tub, and my trunks, and fasten his tight lips on mine. Pushing the air of life deeeep into my lungs. with his other manly hand pumping my torso.. i iahh,ooh gaad. i .. eeeer.. yeah.

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Chest hair? I don't think he can grow a mustache...let alone have chest hair dancing in the breeze. By the way...where the hell is the breeze coming from? Do you have a bathtub outside or something? Who wears trunks in the bathtub anyways? Who takes baths? It's gross having a bath with that thick black coating on the surface. So showering is a trick....trying to find a clean spot on the edge to put one foot, and then the other sometimes just keeps you balanced on the wall. I guess those little faggy sticky flowers might come in handy. They could be positioned just right so you have a place to stand.

Anyone else ever feel like taking a bite off of the Irish Spring bar? It looked pretty tastey in that commercial where the guy takes a slice with his pocket knife.

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.. QUIT playin' games with my heart.

or. something for Diiiirty dancing.

.. Iiii HAAAAD the Tiiaaame of mahh liiife..

Oh NO, I 've neeeeevah felt dis waaay befoe!

Yes Iiii swear... Itsss the troooose..

and I owe it all to youse!!

Or, in a perfect world...

She's like the wiiiind. next to meeeee..

I feel her breath in my face...

(do do do)

Somebodys close on me??....

(do do do)

I can't look in her eyes..

(da da da)

Shes outta Maaaah LEAAGUE!!

-Pat swayze at his best

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