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George Lewis, trombonist, educator from University of California San Diego, innovator, recent recipient of the MacArthur "Genius" Award to play a fundraiser for the Guelph Jazz Fest Wednesday January 15th, 2003. Jesse Stewart and Ellen Waterman to accompany him on Percussion and flute at the Guelph Youth Music Centre, 8:00 pm on Wed. 15th. $10.00 students, $15.00 adults.

COME on DOWN- this guy had one of the most crazy concerts at the fest this last year, a quartet- with Marylin Crispell, Hamid Drake and Miya Masaoka…he rarely plays even- as he is a very serious educator and composer now- but when he does- it’s special- so- if you remotely in the area and have the cash- come on down- all proceeds to support the Guelph Jazz Festival and our 10th Anniversary Celebration next Year!

Also on the 25th of January at 2 pm the Music Gallery St. George the Martyr Church in Toronto. A fundraiser for the Guelph Jazz Festival to be played by Ajay Heble, our very creative artistic director, (he plays the piano- just in case you didn’t know)- and he’s damn good, also to be accompanied by his assistant artistic director, percussionist Jesse Stewart.

It’s $15 for adults and $10 for Children, and all proceeds go to us- and we know how to bring you lots of music for your money- so there good return on that investment in the musical landscape!

Call 416-204-1080 – the music gallery or the Guelph jazz fest- 519-763-4952 for info &- tickets available at the door for both concerts (of course you can’t call the Music Gallery about the George Lewis one…but I’m sure that is obvious….)

Tasha K

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