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A sing song about Brad


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I swear, String Cheese Incident wrote this one about our good friend Brad:

Well I guess I have been drinking and I probably shouldn’t be Calling you late at night just to listen to your voice

But I’m missing you so badly and my days have gone by

Sadly since that night, so I went out with the boys.

I know I should be stronger but I wish that what we had had Lasted longer, I guess that was your choice

So I call you up to sort it out, sorry I don’t mean to shout But a crowded bar room makes a lot of noise

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Brad, Brad, Brad. I wouldn't worry about your little habit..... after all, if it were REALLY that bad, one of your callees would have burned you hard by now.

Who knows, maybe some of your women kinda like that 3AM phone call......

Besides, now that there's a song about oyur condition, it alleviates some of society's negative views.

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aaaah brad.....sometimes when i can't sleep and i'm lying in my big bed surrounded by tom and the cats and gala, with moonlight caressing me through the the open window, i fall into a reverie, and i know that the only thing that could make this idyllic scene more complete would be to hear the tinkle of the phone by the bed, and feel the rush of anticipation, knowing that it can only be one soft drunken voice that i will hear when i answer the phone. i let it ring as long as i possibly can, to prolong the pleasure of anticipation....and then i hear the dulcet tones of your drunken love words......

aaaaaah, life is good

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I love it

this comes from Booty-Call-Barrett:

"Who knows, maybe some of your women kinda like that 3AM phone call......"

and Annette says she likes those 3 in the morning phone calls.

When I put 2+2 together in this little scenario, many things can potentially happpen.

Be sure you do your own math though.

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