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Roll call for Quivertwist and Seretones


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There is a little change in tonight's Jamband Thursday at the Cafe Dekcuf.

Jambolaya won't be arriving as a whole, but Montreal Dan, the drummer is bringing up a couple of musicians with him to play it out with Quivertwist.

I asked Dan what they'd be up to tonight and it sounds really really cool...

"SERETONES will be doing original songs with jams as well as covers and our free form jamming is very medeski-ish, in and out of organized chaos with drum n bass/jazzy stuff in between. it's pretty rockin, but also very funky and jazzy"

They'll mix really well with Ottawa's Quivertwist, and both bands are going for a seamless experience.

If you're looking for some fresh jams tonight, these guys ought to make for some ear-candy.

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Yeah, but what kind of sax? The average-sized alto, its bigger and throatier tenor brother, the straight-out-but-small soprano, or the utimate-in-beefiness baritone? Because, after all, size does matter.

Or are you an equal-opportunity sax fiend?



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Ah nuts. As much as I'd like to join the fun, I'm going to have to bow out this week. Columbia House and Rogers both raped me on my last bill so I'm flat out broke!

I have found a wonderful new diet plan because of it! You take a meal made for one, divide it in two and eat the second half for lunch the next day. The pounds just start melting and your budget lasts twice as long!

I did hear that Dana and possibly Krista will be there! Do some cat calling for me!

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