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Well, we just finished week two in the Vermont Barn and I must say this

Oysterhead thing is shaping up quite nicely. Lots of variety. I get

asked occasionally if Stewart Copeland "still has it." After listening

back to some of the tapes late last night, Trey and I both whole

heartily agree that he is playing better than he ever has. (the

mushrooms may have helped my perspective though). Looks like I'm

hitting some festivals this summer. Mountain Aire in late May, Gathering

of the Vibes in late June and possibly a Phil and Friends gig at the

Greek in Berkeley sometime in mid summer. I'm sure I'll be touring

around these dates as well, so hopefully we'll see you folks then.

Don't let yer meat loaf...


that's why the new website is weird, It would look pretty normal to me

too, if I had been poppin' caps for 2 weeks like trey...

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Ya. I read that too. So Les and Trey are mushroomheads eh? So from what I'm gathering, they just sit around on mushrooms in a barn watching Stewart Copeland play on the drums. "Hey Copeland! Play King of Pain! Oh, and watch out for the bee...it'll STING ya! HHAHAAHA!! KLUNK! OW!"

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