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It was fun dancing with......


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Nero and JGB last night. Nero had a great set and many new Ottawa fans were born I am sure. JGB came on really late it seemed, and started their show by jamming to a Neville Brothers tune that the DJ was spinning, sort of an Iko Iko tune. They then proceeded to play Stop That Train with Melvin singing. He is the only remaining member of the Garcia Band now. They went into one of their own tunes (maybe??) and then went into I'll Take A Melody with FANTASTIC harmonies provided by the 2 back-up singers. Another tune I didnt know came out and somewhere in here was a ripping bass solo followed by an unbelievable solo that the drummer played. This guy (as Guitar Dave informed us of before that show) was outstanding. Hood and I left during the opening to (I forget at the moment, it will come back to me) because he had to work in the morning.......

Anyways, all in all it was worth the 23 bucks and that bar has a pretty cool set up. Nero is going to be playing at it every Sunday and in between sets, the DJ will be playing Phish and Dead and the like.....as the AD said "bongo sessions"......Sunday nights at Babylon is where you want to go!

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