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Come Together Festival Update

Phil McCraken

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Hi again Graham,

I just came back from a meeting with Mark Wilson, the organizer of the Come

Together Music Fest, and both of us are honoured and excited that people are

willing to make the drive from Ottawa, Montreal, and places in the U.S. to

attend the festival. To be truthful, we did not anticipate the interest

that the festival would generate outside of this region. It is a credit to

bands such as Burt Neilson, Fat Cats, Caution Jam, Jomomma and Nero. All of

these bands have built up a fan base, and when you put all of them together

in one weekend, presto, people will travel. So cool!!!

Getting tickets out to people can be a challenge. Mark Wilson has done his

best, but yes, there are some holes in his approach. Having said that, he

is a great guy and he will do whatever it takes to accomodate people

travelling to the festival from a distance. He is most definitely willing

to work out some sort of arrangement, perhaps a mail order or something

else. Please call him to set something up. He has put a lot of effort into

organizing this festival and it is going to be an awesome event as a result.

Here are his phone numbers - please leave a message if he is not there and

he will get back to you.

Home phone: (519) 751-0762

Work phone: (519) 756-2670

My name is Mark Tonin, and I am helping Mark Wilson promote the event. I am

eagerly anticipating what is shaping up to be a great weekend, with lots of

cool people coming together to hear some great Canadian bands. I am a huge

fan of BNB, Fat Cats, and Jomomma, having seen each of them a number of

times, and I look forward to hearing some of the bands I've heard about but

have not yet seen, such as Nero.


Mark Tonin

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