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Wackamole report4

Phil McCraken

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Hey dude, I'm sitting in a big old house in Lexington

Virginia. Collyn (my new bitch's brother's place).

We're making our way slowly up to Vermont. I should be

able to come up to see you guys in the next week or so

!! Can't wait. We got side tracked back to Asheville

North Carolina to see one of Collyn's friends. We hung

out at this retreat doing yoga (yago) and chanting in

circles and hanging out in silence. It was pretty

cool. Just what I needed after jazzfest. I feel

restored and ready to get wasted with ya'll.

I'm sure I got a'bout 3 days of stories to tell ya.

see ya soon dude.

pauly. call me anytime at (435) 901 8761.

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