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possible new member of nero..


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This guy scares the hell outta me. I'm going to have some hellish nightmares now. I wonder if that guy is related to Sanchez at all? Anyone?? Geezuz, anyone with a record player and some Spiderman Underoos can become a DJ.

tongue.gif" border="0


--->1 hour later


I just got back from the Identity Change Ministry offices. I am now known as Super Bouche!! You heard it here first folks. Don't worry, I won't forget the little people.

--->10 minutes later

I've worked out the beginnings of my commercial. It's a little rough, but it'll soon grow it's wings and really fly.

Hi, I'm Super Bouche. You may remember me from such events as "Gizzard Fest",

"The California Dried Plum Festival", and "The Butter and Egg Days". I'd like to invite you to ....

--->the next morning

Shooting for the Super Bouche "I'm Just a Sink Full of Soapy Love" video starts next friday. If you are a hot fox, and don't mind showing skin, email ] newtalent@superbouche.com and we will try and get you on screen. No ID required.

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