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BnB Setlists

Phil McCraken

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06/01/01 - The Scherzo Pub - Kingston, Ont

I. Speedbump, Funkin' Shoes > Five Alive > Funkin' Shoes, Watching TV That No One Else Can See, Chank* > Yellow Pants > Palace Moon, Moonshine

II. Toys R Us**, Better Than Here > L > Waves, Rockford Files, Down With The Sound > Wex, Chevron, Jet Airliner#

06/02/01 - Zaphod Beeblebrox - Ottawa, Ont

I. The Bench > Yellow Pants, Stop 28, Speedbump, Colleen Cabbage Soup, Better Than Here, Palace Moon

II. Permit Collector, Watching TV That No One Else Can See, Chevron > Taken Back

E. Frankenstein

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