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Ottawa-style offer.


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Hey guys, since I've happened upon this, the first (to my knowledge) Ottawa-based web site for Phans that actually has content and discussion, I thought I'd offer y'all a chance to listen to some Ottawa tunes. How 'bout Phish 7.5.94? Ottawa Congress Centre. Fits on 3 cds, so if you want a copy, mail me 3 blanks and 2 stamps (and your return address) and I'll burn you one.

Here's my address:

Blane Harvey

391 St. Joseph W. #33

Montreal, Quebec

H2V 2P1

A word of warning, I'm moving on the 30th, so you have to make sure you get them out in time for me to recieve them here. Otherwise they'll be lost in the great postal abyss.

Email me if you have any questions!

HOpe to see some of you in Montreal for Jazz fest! MMW with Scofield and DJ Logic on the 29th or 30th (I forget).


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