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I'm no kidder...


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AAAAAH! As a new face on here, I'm glad to say that the jam scene is the most friendly and open group of people i've ever met.

As a musician, I'm befriended.

As a person, I'm befriended.

As Beer Store employee I'm befriended.

I just hope we can all come together and party as soon as possible.

Anyhow, on to the post I meant to type.

Most people on here are into the dead, phish, BnB, nero, soulive, MMW, string cheese...the list goes on for miles.

Is anyone on here into Post Rock?

Bands like Tortoise, The Sea and cake, Mogwai, trans Am, Joan of Arc...bands like that?

All fake Jazz enthusiasts speak clearly.

rolleyes.gif" border="0

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I like Sea and Cake.. I have the yellowish album.. pavement.. (all of em), mike oneill..

dont mind sonic youth.. guided by voices I 've been enjoying, havin a little radiohead phase.. whats post-rock again?

jazz.. enjoy miles, scofield, mingus, mmw, bill frisell- (is that jazz?)

i dunno, i like a lot o stuff. what was my point? cant remember.

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