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Question of the Day 03-07-03


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I pretty much did that from 1991 - 1995!!!

[big Grin]

Not entirely but it was an obsession of sorts.

I think the Dead is a good choice but since I've already done that one, I'll now say.... Miles Davis, for many of the same reasons. What an amazing body of work. You really couldn't go wrong.

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Hmmm, tough one Ms. Hux!

On pure volume i.e. having a variety of different recordings that would actually keep things fresh for a whole year, personally I'd probably go with Phish. I could spend a whole day just listening to versions of YEM or Bathtub Gin or whatever and comparing. That would certainly keep the interest level up.

Rush also wouldn't be a bad pick in my book 'cus they've got a varied enough catalog, and the production on their studio albums have a lot of depth in playing and production to them - you can listen to whole albums just to hear what kind of bass lines Geddy is playing during that era, or to guess how many different guitars Alex was doubling certains parts with, or to count the number of vibraslap hits on the Farewell To Kings album. [Wink] Plus for me, if you're only gonna have one band to listen to, you've got to have some fist pumping rock'n'roll for when life's getting you down, and Rush definitely has those kind of tunes in spades - ah sweet, sweet Red Barchetta, many's the day in my Scarborough youth I would not have got through without ye. [smile]


Mr. M.

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I couldn't get through a month of the same band let alone an entire year, no matter how much I like their music. BUT, to contribute to this question, I'll hypothetically make a few choices ( in order ):

Frank Zappa

John Coltrane

Miles Davis

The Who

The Beatles

The worst thing about all this is that after an entire year of listening to the same band, I would have probably grown to despise the band in question, or at least be extremely tired of their music.

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