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Favourite Cult Movies


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Obviously big-budget films like The Fellowship Of The Ring or The Phantom Menace don't fall into this category. Eraserhead is more like what I'm looking for ( although I didn't like the David Lynch film ). So too is Clerks.

Criteria :

Cult movie worshippers persuasively argue with all about the merits of their choices, without regard for standard newspaper or movie reviews.

Many cult movies fared poorly at the box office when first shown, but then achieved cult-movie status, developing an enduring loyalty and following among fans. Normally cult movies have: a small budget, little to no theatrical release, non A-actor stars etc...

Here's some of my choices:

The Evil Dead Trilogy (1983-1992) -

My personal favourite cult movies.

Donnie Darko (2001) -

I saw this last week and bought the DVD Wednesday. Tremendous movie. It'll fuck you up.

Ghost World (2001) -

Fantastic movie that didn't fare too well at the box-office. It would make a great double-bill with Donnie Darko: both films are what I consider to be great anti-high school movies.

Re-Animator (1985) -

H.P. Lovecraft short-story that is as fun as it is gory.

Phantasm (1979) -

A weird little horror movie that generated many stranger sequels.

Bubba Ho-Tep (2002) -

Stars The Evil Dead's Bruce Campbell. This film should get released in 2003 so check your local listings. It's about a 70 year old Elvis battling a soul-sucking mummy in an old folks home. It's fucking great! I saw it at the 2002 Toronto International Film Festival. All early reviews have been great too. Directed by same director of Phantasm series.

The Ice Storm (1997) -

This Ang Lee movie should have been recognized by Oscar that year. I thought it was the best film of 1997. Not a cult budget or cast, but it didn't get any recognition at the box-office, although critics loved it.

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I have to go with Buckaroo Banzai...as soon as they said they released a DVD with exxtra stuff I was feverish to check it out. WHat a high 80's movie...but only the best parts!

I also love the Evil Dead stuff and get totally blown away by almost all Jim Jarmusch, Hall Hartley and Wim Wenders Films!- special picks, Until the end of the World, night train and one night on earth (titles might actually be mroe paraphrased than right- I can be bad with those things)

oh and Atom Eygons films brought me strightback home somehow when I was spending time overseas. When I saw The Sweethereafter I couldn't beleive how well he had taped into the Canada I knew. and as far as Canadian films I have to add

hardcore logo and all that guys films which have been great, route 66 or something and another one...and then there is the animation I love like princess mononokoe, Akira, Heavy Metel, ...to name only a few.

nice thread...can't wait to get some recommendations, I can't wait to check out the Donnie Darko..

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FYI: The DVD of Donnie Darko is $10.99 @ HMV. It's a deluxe widescreen with tons of extras. Buy it on DVD now!

Hey Groove, I like your choices. I love Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man and Bruce McDonald's Hardcore Logo. Princess Mononoke might not be considered a cult movie per-say ( same with my choice of Ice Storm ), but it is one of the better animated movies I have ever seen - along with the sadly over-looked animated masterpiece: Iron Giant (1999).

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Hey Jaimoe, I loved the South Park movie as much as anybody, but I don't think you can call a Paramount Pictures wide-released animated movie with a $1.5 million budget a "cult" movie in the same sense as the others we're talking about here.

On the other hand, I'm totally with you on Hardcore Logo - can't believe I left that one off my own list!

- M.

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ok this is a fun thread...I'm getting some good new ones and you made me to think of a few more I LOVE!!

I can't believe I forgot the cook, the thief, his wife and her lover! WHat a crazy and beautiful movie!!! has to be seen- if your not sqeamish! also Toxic Avenger ! classic!

I'll have to check out Requiem, never seen that....and Iron Giant, theres and animation called graveyard of the fireflies or someting like that that is slow but great.

so those ones made me think of...some that I love even though I can't expain it...possible just because they are moveis that are eyecandy and nothing but,sort of Baraka but..Barabarella! I don't know why- but Jane Fonda is totally objecified by her husband director throughout the movie and she just entrancing.

I must admit her youthful movie career was such radical opposites when she started doing all those arts films in France with that guy can't think of his name, godat, godard? cause I was never a film student I just happened across him....

OK that seques me to documentaries and I have to menion ROger and Me the doc that got me into doc at all and lead me to gems such as The Thin Blue Line...(there tons of others her...list a few I'd love some recommedations here!).

And sort of in the same weird eye candy vein as Barabarella is Any Russ Meyer Film (they recently ran a late night Showtime or Bravo Series were they ran a number of his fims and we watched a bunch- they are weird but hard not to watch even as a person who very much considers herself a feminist...).

Then I thought of that Ringo Starr cave man movie...can't think of the name...

and then even though I never was able to sit through it the first time....2001...there are some film moments that are so artistic it hurts.

My favorite Western! The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

and a film I had to watch over and over cause the story, the set the actors were all just too insane to take in all in the first sitting...


and what a soundtrack...I don't knwo why I don't own it!

that's all I can think of now...but you might make me consider a few additions...

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couple of obscurities...

Duel - bad truck driver you never see... great low budget action / suspence

Flirting with Disaster - relatively unheard of (like most of his films) Robert Altman flick starring Ben Stiller as a dude criss-crossing the country searching for his natural parents... lots of laughs (make sure you stay tuned until the end - grateful dead have a brief soundtrack appearance)

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (70s version) - just because I like seeing hobo Jerry Garcia playing his banjo

and yea, Evil Dead flicks (filmed in the woods outside Hamilton), can't go wrong with the Blues Brothers on a mission from God

there's more but I like to forget movies (and books) so I can re-experience them again

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Phish Stick, your favourite movie is the ONLY movie i have ever gotten up and left the theater for. I don't even see how it is possible to like that movie.

Forgot to mention - Canadian Bacon - Great John Candy movie poking fun at Canadian stereotypes.

...and Four Rooms.

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Flirting with disaster was great and makes me think of another one...


...great road flick...

Which makes me say there was also

Easy Rider

and then there was also one called

Electra Glide in Blue

or something that was a similar time and was a motorcycle cop out in the desert in the 60's....


the President's Analyst

an awesome 60's film examining the conspiracy mentality of the time. And now

La Femme Nikita

and the

Betty Blue

French Films...



The City of Lost Children

and I thought

Nightmare before Christmas

was awesome...

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The Dude Fore Sure!!!!!


This isn't Nam Smokey, it's bowling, there are rules.

The Party-Peter Sellers....Birdie Num nums...

Pootie Tang...Watatai in the Sepatown

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back..."He LOOOOVES the C@*K"

and last but not least-Rocky Horror Picture Show...fetishly twisted

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Boondock saints was a great movie i really liked that one,,, at the end when the old guy turns out to be their dad was a great twist

what about drugstore cowboys? anyone say that one yet?

and pootietang of course,, biddy tine tinny, tone ponie, all that good shit lol

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Hey Bouche. Were you serious when you mentioned The Evil Dead being filmed outside of Hamilton? The first two films were filmed in Tennesee... just like Bonnaroo. Also Bouche, Ghostbusters is definitley not a cult movie: huge budget, A-list director, actors and production company. Made over 100 million.

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Originally posted by paisley:

and yea, Evil Dead flicks (filmed in the woods outside Hamilton),

Sorry about The Evil Dead misquote Bouche. Although, The Ghostbusters is still a blockbuster.

The Evil Dead was filmed in Tennesee. I read the proff in ED star Bruce Campbell's new autobiography: If Chins Could Talk: Confessions Of A B-Movie Actor . Highly recommended to all film buffs.

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