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cool idea in the works.....


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Just thought I'd float this one out there, as I'm kinda excited about it....

As many of you know, our favourite taper bradm, tapes most Thursdays at Dekcuf, and there are a lot of set-blenders that go on.

So.....we're talking about doing a CD made up exclusively of set-blending moments by various bands...! How cool is that?!?!

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'way ahead of you, Doc, got a name picked out and everything:

"Pureed & Deepur: Welcome To The Blender, Vol. 1: The best bets from seamless sets at Cafe Dekcuf"

Currently, I'm thinking it'll have:

  • Dr. Huxtable -> Hiway Freeker: "Maggie's Farm"
  • Jambolaya -> The Skanks: "Franklin's Tower"
  • Seretones -> Quivertwist: "Last Dance With Mary Jane"

and probably a few others.



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