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to All musicians!


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My name's Rob - some of you already know me.

Anyhow, I leave for Music Industry Arts at fanshawe College in London mid-august.

I desperately want to make music with anyone before I leave.

If things work out well, road trips to london will result in possible recording time in studios worth half a million dollars(I still can't believe I got accepted!)

Also, if anyone knows where I can get show dates online for london, as far as jam bands, jazz music, and improvised music in general go.

Also, if anyone is into trading shows for media, I'd appreciate your help in saving me from the dregs of Canadian Radio in London. If anyone has ever driven through that town, you'd know how bad radio in London is. The best station is the fanshawe station and it's all urban - not good for all occasions...

So...if you want to jam or help me accumulate great shows, or both - I'll be forever in your debt.

email me at ro3@hotmail.com for the quickest results.

I wouldn't become a vegetarian because I love animals, I'd become a vegetarian because I hate plants.

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