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Burt Neilson Band at Babylon petition


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Success! (see below)


Hey...thanx for the enthusiasm...due to the effort of

many people who are taking interest in this band you

will all get your wish very soon.




Babylon Nightclub

317 Bank St.

#594-0003 http://www.babylonclub.com


If you havent written in yet, dont let this stop you.

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For all you Ottawa kids who love Burt Neilson Band but hate Zaphods, I think its time to do something about it. For anybody who doesn't know about Zaphods, they book Burt Neilson quite often, but only let them play from 9:30 to 11:00 then boot them off the stage and put on dance music. I even heard that moe. played there once and this happened to them (source unconfirmed). Anyways Burt deserves better treatment then that.

I was talking to Todd who works at Babylon and asked him what it would take to get Burt Neilson band to play at Babylon and his reply was "lots of emails". So this is where you come in. I suggest we all go to the Babylon webpage and fill out their feedback form with the following petition, or just write your own comments if you want.


Dear Babylon,

I am among one of many that would like to request that you guys book the Burt Neilson Band for a show at Babylon. Perhaps for one of your co-bill Sunday night shows with nero, as you have recently with so many other jambands. Burt Neilson Band has a strong following and a show at Babylon will probably be great for the fans and for your bar. Currently the only time they come to Ottawa is when they get booked by Zaphods, but because of Zaphods rule of kicking the band off stage at 11:00, and because Babylon is better that Zaphods we want to see them at Babylon.

Burt Neilson Band is a five-piece improvisational groove band that incorporates elements of funk, jazz, rock, hip hop, bluegrass and reggae. This combination has an overwhelming presence and an undeniably unique style. The band's synergistic chemistry and energy drenched performance also does not ask politely, but commands an audience into letting loose, breakin' it down and kickin' some serious intense vibes on the dance floor.

Burt Neilson will be touring in Ontario in September and are booking their tour right now. To book the Burt Neilson Band contact Steve Butler at Courage Artists & Touring. Please, please, please and thank you Babylon!

Steve Butler

Courage Artists & Touring - www.courageartists.com

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

phone (416) 598-3330 ext 304

fax (416)-598-5428

email - steve@courageartists.com

Bands homepage www.burtneilson.com


Go to Babylon's webpage www.babylonclub.com. Their web page is kind a weird so I will explain. Click on the door and it will bring you to this other page where there is a feedback link. Click on that and fill out the form. Use your real name and email if you can so they dont just think its one person filling out the form over and over again. Then in the subject line write "We want Burt" so they get the picture loud and clear. Then use the message I wrote above, or right your own comments.

If you decide to do this then reply to this post at the phish sanctuary so that we can see how many people wrote to Babylon and gauge its effectiveness.

Thanks for the help. smile.gif" border="0

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