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Wow. The latest lineup is looking great.

Burt Neilson Band

The Slip



Hot Toddy

Grand Theft Bus

The Jimmy Swift Band

Aaron MacDonald Band

Hu Noo

Caution Jam

Dr. Yellow Fever

Jass Pharmacy


Sense Amelia Project

Heavy Meadows

The Great Balancing Act



Soderman Band


.... i cant type anymore after that list.

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Check it out if you can. The site is fucking awesome with a swimming hole nearby. The Northern Heads are renting an RV and doing it up in style. The Slip should really rock as will Burt, GTB, Great Balancing Act. Plus there's all this weird shit going on too (like the DJ's all night) but also like congolese thumb piano players on Saturday morning. I saw these guys the other day and it was a trip I can only imagine after being up all night on a head full of acid...

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That festival looks like it is going to be a blast and a half.....those Down Easterners gots it going on......

I re-read my post from last night and am now convinced I have a split-personality. I found that post hilarious last night and today, it makes little sense to me....might explain why I enjoyed Dude Where's My car so much........

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Unfortunamente I missed the fest last year as my Ultimate Frisbee competitive league tourney was the same weekend (same deal this year but I'm skipping the tourney). I gather it was about 2000 people. I've heard some of the surprise shit going down (cannot divulge) and it sounds like it will be the Time.

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