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the New Deal in Kitchener @ Wax


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I'll be there with a pretty good posse of locals.

The guys who put on the big shows here (CMG Entertainment) like to start them pretty early - the band is probably on at 10:00 and definitely won't be playing til 2:00.

No chance of a sell-out either. Guaranteed awesome sound in a classy club/venue though - hot staff and hot clientele taboot. Wax used to be called Metropolis before there was a huge fire that brought down a lot of downtown Kitchener and they just recently remodeled it into the Wax and the Still...the Still is great for pre and post cocktails if you dig the roadhouse style - Christine Saunders is playing there tonight...don't know anything about her.

Kitchener's lining up a pretty serious weekend - first in a long time...Uncle Seth tomorrow at the Circus Room too!

Some guy named Luke Bowden did a piece on tND in this week's ECHO - check it

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Originally posted by Groove Fetish:

I hope there are a few other folks about to go check this out...I heard they are playing the best shows they ever have!

I wouldn't quite agree with that, but regardless, last night in Peterborough was awesome!! I find that they didn't hit those peaks of insanity that drive me over the edge like they used to back at the Brass Taps shows about 2 years ago. Even still though, I won't be passing up any chance I get to see The New Deal again! The music was excellent. I hadn't seen tND in almost a year (last time was at GLC in Whistler last April). They've definitely branched out a bit in terms of melody. I listen to a little bit of New Deal now and then and always enjoy it, but this is one band that truly is 17 times better when you are THERE for it -- even listening to live recordings just doesn't compare for me. The light show they bring with them is awesome as well! Best light show I bet the Trash has ever seen. They did 2 sets last night, which was a pleasant surprise. Dancin' the whole time. Good to see tND again!

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