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Some stuff on my mind

The loss of my weekly whipping..... how tragic, I will miss my tuesday's alot!! It sure was nice to see everyone come out last week and just hangout downstairs... possibly a new weekly habit? I would hate to lose touch with the circle of good peeps I have come to know there. Let's make next Tuesday a real farewell, show up ready to stay late and bring your dancing shoes!!

Dave's new axe.... whoa!! Tuesday was the first time I saw him play with it and dammm, that is a sweet sounding piece of wood... Is the red guitar is now the Condor guitar?

Nero East Coast tour...... Help send the boys off on tour right. Come to the Post next Tuesday and keeping the momentum going. Nero is poised to lay waste to the East Coast and Evolve fest over the next 2 weeks.... as long as I don't crash the van

Burt Neilson tomorrow in Tdot...... I will be in Toronto tomorrow to see 3 set's of the Burts.... anyone else coming? I have room for 1 more.... hear that Graham!!

Dave Matthews sucks


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