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neroboys report


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HEy party people.

Thought I'd stop by to clarify a few things....

-THIS Sunday August 19th may still be the CD release party.. we've gotten word we may be able to pick them up in TO on the way to the weed-fest at Port Burwell.. It's 2 sets of nero, and probably the last time you'll see that at babylon for a while... So come!!

-Tuesday August 21st- NO WEEKLY WHIPPING!

The next and last one will be the following Tuesday the 28th.. so come ready to party.. nero will still have the odd weekend show at the post, including a possible halloween co-bill with TMNS, but after the 28th- no more tuesdays..

-Xpress. we try, they ignore. even with the acts we have coming in for September, I'm sure they'll continue to focus on the ever exciting grunge-punk slacker scene.. which is fine and dandy some of the time..

Here's whats up Sundays in September. nero opening every week.

Sep 2nd- Bullfrog

Sep 9th- Moses Mayes

Sep 16th- Antibalas w/Tony Allen *HUGE!

Sep 23rd- parkside jones

Sep 30th* tentative treat!! You guys asked for em, but i wont say til its for sure!

october is already shaping up sweet too with jimmy swift, blue quarter, Grand theft bus and some more visitors from South o the border..

Spreading the word about Sundays is a good idea regardless. (no matter how you choose to do it.. it's appreciated) ..Its cool of Babylon to open their doors to our scene, (not to mention booking huge acts..), so the more people in there on Sundays the safer the jam scene is in Ottawa. *remember the POst is gone for good in October.. we'll need somewhere to party. wink.gif" border="0grin.gif" border="0grin.gif" border="0shocked.gif" border="0

If anyone needs info on the Marijuana fest this weekend,Evolve, Cometogether, or whatever.. reach us at neroboy@hotmail.com

peace. we love you guys.


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My guess for the treat:

Noon - Days of You

3 PM - BnB

6 PM - Trey Anastasio

9 PM - Phil and Friends

Midnight til Whenever - various conglomerations with the above musicians


anything Space/Darkstar/Funk related

Yes Bob, with a Colonel Forbin> Harry Hood for your b-day...........

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I think the surprise should be... a death-jam night

6pm- Judas Preist w/members of Soulive

8pm- slayer w/ Page McConnell

10pm- Sepultura w/ Bob Weir and Carrot-Top

12am- All Star jam featuring Lemmy, Robert Walter, Lars Ulrich, Billy Nershi, Rob Halford (of Judas Priest), Skerik, Geddy Lee and Mike Bouchard.. shocked.gif" border="0

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