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Check out BOUCHE in merrickville tonight!!!


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for a one time deal only, mike, the giggler, and CannedBeats together for the last time until turkey day.

it's happening at the goose and the gridiron in Merrickville, Ontario, Canada. wink.gif" border="0

be there or be square. bring nero - we heard they like half-hour sets. they can open. that's right - come out and be titilated by some of the founding members of the Alternators, Fat Chance, and the

Arugaflow Band (the AF-B) all in one venue for a free show. shocked.gif" border="0

bring nero - they can open.

who'd pass that up?

heh heh heh...I bet those snobs wouldn't take it though... blush.gif" border="0

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dude. All I can tell you is that when I was able to listen and I was at the table, you were fantastic man. You really have some incredible ryhthm. Your dynamics are so smooth and you're obviously quite comfortable with anything laid out in front of you.

When you were playing with me, I didn't quite have the ability to actually listen to what you were doing. It just all felt great, and gave me something strong to sit on.

Quote from Billy:

Where in the hell has this guy been all these years?

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thanks, bouche. I'm happy to be understood.

my only problem with my playing is that it's absolutely not like the average player.

don't dismiss this idea...hear me out.

most bassists either play with the guitar or the drums and only play the root...or then there's the rad groovemeister that sets you in front of the tunnel of the rhythm section.

I think i play a more interpretive role as a bassist...always playing something different that is meant to pick up on and take the music in aq different direction.

that's why i feel so strange playing another person's lines - because they're not mine.

i do, however, feel that I get set in a groove that just noodles over a progression if the song is simple or I get distracted.

also, I feel that I don't read musical dynamics of musicians as well as I should on the first try...that's why I like to play with people. so I can learn how people think.

i'll be back for thanksgiving.

we'd better play some music when i get back.

you and I. at a house with no possible distractions and a lot of substance.

play over techno music or gregorian chant or something strange like that if we don't have a drummer.

we'll have to get together.

i leave at 5 am.

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