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Neil added to Broo!!!!!


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Here are the rest of the additional acts

Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Alison Krauss & Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas

The Flaming Lips

Emmylou Harris

funky Meters

Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon

Ben Kweller

Robinella & the CC String Band

Cyro Baptista & Beat the Donkey


The Slip

Jon Cleary & the Absolute Monster Gentlemen

Vusi Mahlasela of Amandla!

My Morning Jacket

DJ Spooky

Jason Mraz

Polyphonic Spree


Drive-By Truckers

Kaki King


Smokey & Miho have cancelled their performance.

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not kidding, the temperature will be 100 in the shade and you will exhaust yourself to the brink of death. What a way to go though! I would set up camp with a cooler in the back of the main stage grass and live there for the weekend. Just bring some shady source and your good to go. Whatch doing tomorrow swifty, can ya leave the kids with the missus and go to london to see the deisel dog with TeeSee and i?

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Sorry man I can't make it for that one. I'm trying not to spend any cash needlessly as it is quite slow at work for me. Have fun though. You're going to be sorry for missing Broo ! I'll tell ya how good it was when I return.

p.s. I guess you're not into festivals with high temps and no shade....lemonwheel, big cypress??????? nice logic! [Wink]

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big cypress was beautiful and i wasn't at lemonwheel. just kidding about the temp, i usually have no trouble with the heat. Uncharacteristic for a fella about my size. anyhow don't get me wrong, the roo will be out of this world this year, i bet 100 thou. Make sure you yell at bobby for me, no wait, kuipers will do that for me. peace, see ya this week for a bowl sometime. i have the week off and am staying at heathers place while her family is in the fuckin bahamas. [Frown] you should pack up the little ones for a fire and some takin it easy next week some time. she has a large room with a fireplace where the tikes can wander. talk at ya sunday likely.

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Originally posted by KarinAnnie:

Swifty, that's sweet!!! I'm so glad we're all going!!! it's gonna be craaazzzyyy weekend.

damn stariaght girl!!!! can't wait!!!

just got rust never sleeps on dvd...it is awesome...

btw, love your sign-off.

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The only people that would say that there are too many bands to see or that the camping will be unbearably hot are those that are sooooooo jealous that me and my friends are going to rock it out like it was NYE 99-00 all over again. Sure the tix were pricey but don't buy any beer or any smoke for two weeks and there's your ticket $...and sure the whole event is going to cost you some dough but not anymore then hookahville, frontier or even spending the weekend to see nero or hookah in some bar...and sure it's a very long drive for some of us but car pool baby, car pool...and sure it's going to be unbearably hot and sticky out there...but don't be dumb, bring lots of sun screen, drink lots of water, put up a tarp or an umbrella for a little shade and go naked if you have to...and lastly, yes I agree that the decision will be hard to make when you want to see bands that are playing at the same time but isn't that a good thing..."oh gosh sally, I don't know, should I see widespread or moe. Oh I hate my life for having to make such a decision." Now doesn't that sound pretty stupid?! If you can't go because of a shortage of cash then you shouldn't be blowing your money needlessly on other things either, save it and get out of the whole. If you can't because of work or family committments then you're right, don't go and I totally commend you for making the right decision. But I can't think of any other good reasons not too. The next person that I hear complain, I'm going to find that persons address and go and stick a screw driver in their ear for being soooooo silly!! But I'll tell you what, me and the rest of us will definatley have some great stories to pass along when we get back. See ya at broo! [Razz]

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Ronda: I think you have to remember how unbarably hot it will be. I went last year. I didn't see bands before 7pm except a few special ones I REALLY REALLY wanted to check out (Codetalkers comes to mind). It was just too hot. Don't forget that the headline went from 7ish to midnight, then late night from midnight to 4 am, and late late night from 4 am to 8am the one night. That means sleep doesn't come until the sun comes up. You NEED AC to do this. our AC broke the sunday night (which was actually monday morning) and I puked for about 5 hours with sunstroke/heat exaustion. I think thats the point others are trying to make. This ain't no northern sun. This is tennessee and with all that music its easy to wipe yourself out.

Be careful....

ps. I am going back... just have to make sure I've got AC!

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Hi MoMack,

You're right, I've never been to broo before and can understand that the heat is disgusting, and I'm sure that one of those days I may have to forfeit a show because of pure heat exhaustion...but I have a pretty good head on my shoulders. It's too bad they couldn't find somewhere else where it wouldn't be so unbearable. Thanks for the warning. My message was intended to target those who needlessly spend cash on any old bar night but complain because they can't afford broo. Just doesn't make sense to me. [Razz]

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The 'Roo was hot last year. I tend to be a person who is vulnerable to the heat and have had heat stroke many times after those weekend long baseball tournaments of my youth. However, when I think back to the 'Roo last year, heat falls somewhere near the bottom of the list. I think of partying all weekend to great music and with great people. The trick is to bring a shade tent and tarps so that when you are at your camp, you are always in the shade. And drink lots of water, beer gives a great buzz but it dehydrates you. It helps to save the beer drinking for at night when it is cooler. Wear a hat. And check out the smaller stages. They are covered and are relatively cool.

A/C is nice but it probably makes the heat seam unbarable. Last year, the van I was in didn't have air conditioning. The drive down was hot and sitting in that traffic was hotter. But I adjusted. When I switched vehicles for a bit and felt the A/C, getting out was hard because the heat was too overwhelming. If you take care of yourself and let your body adjust to the heat, you'll be just fine.

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..."oh gosh sally, I don't know, should I see widespread or moe. Oh I hate my life for having to make such a decision." Now doesn't that sound pretty stupid?!

I don't think it sounds stupid at all. There is gonna is gonna be some major choices to be made seeing as I have never seen any of the bands play live. I am just saying with two great bands how do I decide?? Maybe I don't. Maybe I try to catch both. But I am gonna be major pissed if I pick Ben Harper over Alison Krause and miss her and emylou doing " I'll fly away" or " down to the river to pray". Oh well I guess I will just have to wing it. I wish I could go to sleep and wakeup and it is june.

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I can't afford Bonaroo!

I can't stand the heat at Bonaroo!

There are too many bands at Bonaroo!

Bonaroo is too far to drive!

Ronda will be at Bonaroo!

[Wink] All of these are things that are wrong with Bonaroo! [Wink]

But seriously, stop talking about it. i am soooo jealous. Perhaps 3 small festivals will make up for the missing of the huge one......NOPE!

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