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This is Round 2 of my Dats for CD blanks offer.

Since 1997 I have traded dats, primarily Grateful Dead. I am converting my

dat collection to cd. This is the 2nd batch. I will not break it up into

smaller batches so please don't ask. Round 2 goes to one person. If

someone wants to get a quick start in the GD dat world this is a great way

to do it.

I'll accept three (3) Taiyo Yuden blanks for each dat. This exchange is

well below current market prices for new dat blanks (as published at various

sites, including TTapes.) I will pay postage to ship the dats to you for

continental US only.

Dats are Maxell labeled, unlabeled, or Sony DDS. Some are 60m, some are

90m. All have printed j-cards with song lists, lineage, etc.. Lineage is

as it was provided to me at the time of trade. Caveat emptor, these are

great tapes, however, they may have the occasional anomaly. I acquired them

primarily through trades on BUDD and other credible sources...

The following 64 shows reside on 50 dats. This in exchange for 150 cdr

blanks. Several shows are filler on tapes. Several of the dats have filler

not listed in this posting.

Paul Gibian

The list is not postable because it exceeds the limit of 8 graphics, the show dates or source info probably is the same format as the graphics......I can email the list if you want.

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