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Evolve report


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Hey all..

many good times were had this weekend in Antigonish NS.. The turnout was a little lower than expected (they expected closer to 4000), with around 2800 or so..

But it didn't matter.Everyone had a sweet time.

Friday was apparently amazing with jimmy swift, grand theft bus, The Legendary Burt Neilson Band and the Slip- we were sad we missed it. But we had a good time eating undersized lobsters in PEI..

We rolled in about noon on Saturday and we were happy to see a busy shakedown, lots of people hanging out by the stage.. Good GOOD vibes all around. lots of camping room and amenities. It was a beautiful day too.. Jazz Pharmacy didn't show, so all the bands had a little extra time, which worked out cool..

hilights.. aaron Macdonald band. these guys really tore it up right after nero's set. you can tell they are hometown faves.

Then Jeff/jeffrey of BNB sitting in with Caution jam.. for (i believe) a shakedown..

Then.. The slip. Holy fuck are these guys good.. everybody has to check them out. Their (and friends) set Saturday included..

Jeff from BNB


Dave from nero..

it was unreal!!!. we should be getting tapes soon. and there were MANY pictures taken. Jeff jammed some cool funky stuff and DAve sat in for a very atmospheric piece. the Ottawa crew was losing their minds.

We even got to meet the infamous Kung..

After that was more of what we all love. partying. But made a little more interesting by the fact that it was 2.. yes 2 degrees overnight..

Can't wait for Frontier town!!

Bring a blanket!

wink.gif" border="0

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They recorded the whole festival to dat. We recorded our set off the board thru the DAT to our Tascam, but our road man went to check and the DAT had run out in the middle of the previous tune, so who knows if the recordings will be any good. or cutting in and out or what.

i should also mention that *Tala* was also really good.

Crazy improv jamming.. nice to see bands really taking their pants off on stage and going for it.

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.... Can't talk now. Fatigue set in deep. Must stave of f sleep for few minutes longer. Sometime after reaching a mystical place I know only as Boozevana I stumbled back to our RV and waited out the freezing night of wretched dance twattle. Joined by Dave and what turned out to be a well crafted alter ego I had whipped up a la Tyler Durdin/ Tony Clifton. At some point just before dawn began to break and the cold air still hung from our breath a canoe seemed to come cresting over the rim of the low lying mountains. As it slowly approached we were horrified at the site but Dave didn't seem alarmed at all. Then with a firm puff of wind the Boognish was in our presence. As it seems Dave had already cut a deal with the Boog and seeing as he got his shot with the Slip it was time to pay up with a lifetime of eternal service to the Brown.

For my part it was not a hard sell when the Boognish offered me two nubian maids and tucked them beneath my blankets like embers saved for the morning fire. Both wise beyond their years the first had the eyes of an asiatic which I imagined had been introduced to her people by years of Mongrel hording. The second more rakish and precocious in her love of great books. Though they mawk me to no end I would not redo my deal with the Brown.

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