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oh shit..


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The Irish nero has taken to North America.. They just played a month long tour of Mass/ny states. Jesus.. thats horrible. spreading the name of nero to pop-rock lovers everywhere. Even collaborating with Guelph band the Carnations . feel free to email irish nero and tell them to change their name to gyro or something.


maybe we'll just change ours to nerox.

or nyro. maybe necro?.. newro? negro? What am I worried about. there are a million possibilites.

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I've had a couple of favorites that I've been saving for side projects...


-the turd burglers

-Tony Cliff trio

-buttered buttocks

-willy toast and the crumbs

-blackened birdie

-stewy noodle and the sauce

-Crying children

-cough syrup soldiers

-the cool ninjas

-Shane Clark turkey brigade

i guess we'll see huh.. shocked.gif" border="0

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