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-not sure if anyone hasnt seen this yet so here goes- grin.gif" border="0

SCI Ticketing and The String Cheese Incident are proud to announce the

creation of a new online ticketing system for all shows sold through SCI

Ticketing. This system, for the first time entirely independent of both

Ticketmaster and Ticketweb infrastructures, will allow us to provide our

clients with a fast and easy way to purchase tickets to all of our events.

Our new ticketing system offers many upgrades from previous versions,


Seat locations for reserved seating shows

Fields for both a bill-to and ship-to address

Ability to purchase tickets for several artists at the same time

X-press Log-in to simplify and expedite your purchase process

For many of you longtime fans, purchasing tickets thru SCI Ticketing on the

day of our national on-sale has proven to be a frustrating and lengthy

process. Problems have ranged from web server and ticket application crashes

to card-processing failures. You name it and we, unfortunately, have

experienced it. While frustrating for all of us, these growth pains have

helped us develop a unique network architecture that takes into

consideration the huge support that you give The String Cheese Incident on

days of our national on-sale. In addition, we've tested the entire system by

simulating large numbers of virtual users simultaneously buying tickets to

our events.


The Fall Tour goes on-sale through SCI Ticketing on Tuesday, September 11th,

at Noon EDT. If you plan to purchase tickets for any of the Fall Tour dates,

you must have an X-Press Log-in prior to purchasing tickets. The use of an

X-Press Log-in expedites the purchase process by storing your primary

billing address, email, and phone numbers only. For your security, the

system does not store your credit-card information. For those of you

hesitant to sign-up for yet another internet account, SCI Ticketing does not

sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others.

Between September 7th and 11th you can sign-up in advance for an X-Press

Login by visiting our website, www.sciticketing.com. This will expedite the

purchase process and greatly increase your chance of getting tickets over

others who elect to create their account the day of the on-sale.

In summary, SCI Ticketing's motivation has always been to provide you with

the lowest possible service fees and highest level of personalized customer

service. We believe that the new ticketing system will help us continue to

fulfill that mission. We're truly looking forward to SCI's Fall Tour

September 11th on-sale. We hope you are, too!

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I exchanged some e-mails with the address given on the SCI ticketing page (orders@sciticketing.com, IIRC). I asked about getting delivery to Canada (and any extra charges that might apply), and got a reply that said they weren't shipping outside the U.S., and that "will call" could be used. I then asked about the 10-day limit, and was told that for international orders, "international will call" could be used outside the 10-day window.

I can't find anything about this at http://www.sciticketing.com though.



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