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I've been laughing my ass off every time I think of your "at a medium pace" performance. #1 reason why Andre and Lynn should've been there.

I have a ton of photos to go through and get up, hopefully with some writings.

Diesel Dog were quite good. I can recall 3 covers that they pulled off. Boogie on Reggae Woman, Just Like tom thumbs blues, and Stop That Train. Nice choice of covers I'd say.

The highlight for me on Sunday was the Fat Cats acoustic set...and the almighty acoustic Scarlet-Fire. I hope Graham isn't too bruised from the punch I threw at him when he didn't react as quickly as I did in the first couple of notes. Some guy leaned over to him laughing and said "See whatcha get when you don't pay attention?"

There was also a guy sitting beside them on the stage smoking his pot-pipe getting fried. It was quite a sight.

Burt Neilson was fantastic as usual. I spent alot of time taking pictures from different places. Then I realized that I had better start dancing.

Somebody climbed the giant pole, and even more amazing-like, no one tried to stop him.

There was a HUUUUGE drum circle out in the larger camping area. Also discovered a banjo player jamming with a mandolin player. I didn't get a chance to talk to them and request a jam with them, however.

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So Grum got another Drunk>Plastered eh?

Sounds like Gorge 98 all over again.....

bragging: "I am going to notice an Antelope within 2 notes if it gets played!"

2 days later

30 seconds into Antelope

"Hey, what song is this?"

Everyone should see a show at the Gorge....

Wish I could have made that Together festival, acoustic Fat Cats sounds juicy!

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So glad that some of the Phish Sanctuary group made the trek to the show. It was a wild weekend, with lots of great people and awesome music. Mike and Graham, great visiting with you throughout the weekend. Sorry I don't remember more of your names, but met lots and lots of other amazing people this weekend.

Highlights for me include hearing Nero for the second time, Jomomma's set in the saloon on Friday night, dancing outside of the saloon to Caution jam on Saturday night, and the whole night of music on Sunday including Deisel Dog, Fat Cats, and Burt Neilson. The party in the saloon and campground on Sunday night was wicked. A huge drum circle, and everyone letting loose for one last time. And it was so nice to be able to visit and party with band members and some of the friends that I met for the first time at Frontier Town in May.

It was hilarious to see the expressions on Mike's face as the Fat Cats did their thing. He was sooooo into it.

Can't wait to do it all again!

Peace, Mark cool.gif" border="0

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was that the best pic of me enjoying the show?

are you doing me a favour by posting a seat photo?

everyone has to go to come together next year.

we should reserve cabins.

seriously, guys - this should be an event no one will miss.

i finally slept monday night at midnight.

was tuesday ever a rough day though. I need my sobriety sleep.

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