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Come together fest words...


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For anyone that was there on the weekend...

please take 5 or 10 minutes today to type out

1. anything that you found there that you couldn't find anywhere else.

2. Things that stood out as reasons to go back.

3. Any funny, ridiculous moments that possibly no one was even around to experience with you.

Just sit back and step through the weekend in your mind, and write a short paragraph and please send it to me.

Basically I'd like to collect a few testimonials that I could post.

Please don't be shy.


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Nice to hear some kind words from the ones coming up. I've been starting to get excited lately for all the new kind people coming of age that haven't had the opportunity to see the Boys or the big P. Most exciting example of this is this blues fusion band from Saskatoon called Bluesway Express, 18 yr. olds on drum and bass and this 13 yr. old guitar player that's got Derek Trucks or Steve Kimock running for their money on a per annum basis. They'll be the ones that'll prove that this music isn't about one monolithic band or another. Loving the new.

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Five Memorable Moments from the Come Together Music Fest at Frontier Ghost Camp Grounds:

1. Late on Friday night, as Jomomma was tearing it up in the saloon, when a friend looked at his watch, turned to me and said "Is there a curfew at this place?" Heck, it was only 3:00 a.m.! I think Jomomma finally stopped playing at 3:30. That was the earliest that the live music ended that weekend!

2. Watching the joy on people's faces as the Fat Cats played a wonderful acoustic set. Wow, does their talent ever shine through when they play acoustically. These guys have been doing their thing since the early 1990's, and it is a treat to hear them when they are on. So sweet. Beautiful vocals, excellent musicianship, and a great groove.

3. Partying at the Bank, which is the cabin located directly behind the saloon. Thanks to the bankers for being such gracious hosts to this happy camper.

4. Watching the full moon come up on Saturday and Sunday night. Magic.

5. Starting a conversation with someone that I didn't know, and then discovering that I did know them ... in cyberspace. I love when that happens.

Peace, Mark

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1. Stuff I Couldn't Find Anywhere Else

I'm not sure what's available anywhere else, 'cause I've never gone to this kind of thing before, but I can say what I hadn't found anywhere yet: A group of people who can take to the road like something out of Keruoac, and not only tolerate but *enjoy* whatever comes along. The trip was fun, and the payoff was even better: a bunch of musicians who can take to the stage like something out of a musical dream and lead the crowd and themselves on a journey until dawn.

2. Reasons To Go Back

Good music, good vibe, good food (pitas, breakfast burritos, great chili, Greek salad...), and an all-round fun atmosphere. I'd never done a festival before, had never even done a musical road trip, really, so I not only have reasons to go back, I've got reasons to go *everywhere* now.

3. Worst/Best Moment

The Worst Thing that happened to me was accidentally popping a little girl's balloon as I tried to bat it back to her; she was instantly and completely (and justifiably) heartbroken, and I felt my until-then-happy world crumble. The Best Thing was her mother coming to my rescue, repeating, "It's all good" as I apologized. Her mother had the little girl and I hug, still repeating "It's all good." And it was.

Thanks to harpua for prompting me to go, thanks to bouche for taking me, thanks to the rest of the Phish Santuary crew for being there, and thanks to the musicians (especially Nero! wow, what a blazing set) for playing.



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I truly live for long weekends.

1. Stuff I couldn't find anywhere else:

Enough chill people to have both Bocche and Texas Horseshoe tournaments with. (Collingwood will never dethrone Brantford)

2. Reasons to go back

a. complete freedom

b. real music

c. cheap drugs (you know its true)

3. Best/Worst moments

Jomomma in the saloon on Friday night. (I may be a little biased but I had the time of my summer - see 2c) / a Floyd cover band playing no tunes from Meddle or Animals (and the only exception to 2b)

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