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Fall tour plans..


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Just got back from the Disco Biscuits last night in Burlington, and have a HEAP of other shows to come...

Sept. 13th- Lake Trout/Money Mark-Montreal

Sept. 15th- BNB-Montreal

Oct 2nd- MMW-Ottawa

Oct.3rd- either MMW in Vermont or St. Germain in Montreal (if it happens)

Oct. 4th-Karl Denson's Tiny Universe-Montreal


Oct.27th-MMW and SCI TOGETHER!-Troy, NY

Oct.31st-Ween and possibly C.Hunter-Burlington

Nov. 7th-Oysterhead- Toronto

Nov. 9th-Oysterhead- Utica

Nov. 16th-Phil-Burlington

How's that for a full plate?

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well, I'm definitley doing mmw, oysterhead, sci in montreal, and moe. possibly newdeal at higher ground. I checked out Phil and phriends in Burlington and it's F@#king 42.00 US!! shocked.gif" border="0 ! So I'm reconsidering that one.. Halloween.. Charlie hunter? ween?

anybody have a crazy schedule to share..

ps. Drums and Tuba next Wed at Zaphods is a must for all Ottawa locals..

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Let's see...in order:

- Drums & Tuba next week (Sept. 12)

- Nero next Sat. and Sun. (Sept. 15/16)

- backpack 'round Europe (approx. Sept. 23 to Oct. 20) (anybody know any good things happening in Europe in late Sept. / early Oct.?)

- SCI in Toronto and Montreal (Oct. 23/24)

- Oysterhead in Toronto (Nov. 7)

I may just hibernate through the winter...I'll need the rest.


Brad smile.gif" border="0

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