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northern heads don't get nero..

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Well, some of them didnt get SCI either and (watch this one..) thought that there somehow had to be a comparison to Phish in that evaluation as well. Nero is and 'hopefully' will always be a musicians band.............

I can see why the Slip wanted to jam with Dave and I am willing to bet, members would have LOVED to have jammed with all of you.

If you look at it though, the following is a fantastic compliment...

"And actually now that we think about it we really don't have much to say."

"I mean we liked their set, it was good, but we couldn't exactly get our heads around it."

You guys have confused me sooooooooo many times that I couldnt put it into words. I can see people not 'getting it' at first and that is EXACTLY what to strive for. The fans you will gain from those not getting it to finally getting it will only turn out to be the truest and most honest of fans.......They will give themselves to you in a way most fans cant.

Just ask Harpua!

PS: Heck, if they werent careful, they would think Phil & Friends sounded like the Dead!

or Phish

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WE The Northern Heads are a confused bunch. Sorry both in the sense of apologetic and also just plain sad. I think that Phish played some music there. So did that Nero band. Ween is so damn brown. It's more about Sodomy the concept then anything to be taken quite literally.

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