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Time limits hinder


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yesterday put into perspective that not only jails are confining imprisonment, but so are time limits.

Luther Wright and the Wrongs played Fanshawe college for a 'nooner' and it sure was a quickie.

it was an awesome show - I wish more country bands sounded like these guys. great instrument tone, nice approach to cover material, and most of all, one kickass pedal steel player.

Anyone that hasn't seen them before should make it an event not to miss...unless it's during a phish tour or a nero show or something of the like.

it was a 45 minute set. jams were really short and I could tell it ws more of a practice to the band than anything else because it was only 45 minutes.

Similarly, the first MIA pub of the year happened last night and the first years performed for the second year students to let them know what to expect sessions.

I felt constricted as far as comfort on stage. every set was 10 minutes and the night went to a little past 1 o'clock.

lucky for me I played in 2 sets, but I'm disenfranchised now...If only burt nielson were playing around here soon...OH YEAH! tomorrow...how could I forget??

woo hoo!

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