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The Product - The End of an Era


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E-mail from the band:

"Hello everyone, It seems that despite our best efforts and fabulas turnout last week(march 4), we'll be losing our tuesday evening spot at the end of march. The last nine months have been great, and we have to thank the owner of chicago's for having us every week for so long.

There are three tuesdays left for us at Chicago's, so come on down and check us out while we're still playing there. We are in the process of hooking up other gigs and we'll drop you a line when they're finalized.

Thanks for your support for the last several months and we hope to see you out in the next few weeks. Cheers...."

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They show was great, those are are stellar musicians, playing stellar music!

They do plan on doing some festivals, Jay said they were planning on the Guelph Jazz Festival. That was all that was in the works though. I'm sure they'd be open to different gigs, seems like they really wanna play.

Hopefully we'll find out about some new gigs soon.

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