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how to beat the system!!!


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magic mushrooms are only illegal in a dry state in canada, so all you shroomers that carry around your dirtbags are susceptable to arrest or confiscations of your fine fungi.

if you preserve your mushrooms in honey, they'll last for a very long time and will be far sweeter and more edible either on bread, in tea, or in tasty dishes that lend themselves to sweet.

my only dilemma is the weight.

now much water does a musroom have?? like 60%, 70%?? one of my shrooms was 30 grams fresh and i think it would've been a lot smaller dry.

i want to know how to do the math so as to not get ripped off and not rip off anyone in the process of helping people not get their privacy and property infringed upon by the po-po.

i know this isn't a drug board but i thought SOMEONE might know about botany/fungiculture.

anyhow, like the previous message, note the timestamp...i just got out of studio and i'm happy and tired.

be happy for me. someday you'll need a producer to work for your kickass bluegrass band that ws formed at the 2002 labour day CT fest and I'll be the one that leaps bounds to keep you churning out the lines to an audience that has the Aruga Flow in mind, Mike. Cheers!

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