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Jambands.ca First Night--Finished!! -=BnP open=-

Tungsten Gruvsten

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Ok folks, here it is! The first night of the festival is ready to burn. A dose of the flu gave me the time off work I needed to get into mixing and mastering the Jambands.ca Fall Festival. Hopefully mixing it under the influence of that much Tylenol and Sinutab won't make it sound -too- bad...

Available are:

Mark Wilson & the Way It Is(soundboard)


Nero(matrix/tape compression) <-rocking!!

Some definite tricks applied to make these sound *extra* special!

Email me back with what you are looking for and we'll setup a SHN or Audio BnP.



if you're curious about the recording/mastering, it's all documented...

look for a post soon for the second night...

God bless the Emoticons! shocked.gif" border="0grin.gif" border="0

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Some ideas:

-Could temporarily host it on Indika's computer. There are nero and BNB mp3s there now.

-I heard the sanctuary might be ramping up to being able to serve soon.

-I'm willing to B&P anybody whose interested, or blanks and carry for anybody in my area.

-I'm willing to share it on Direct Connect.

Thanks for recording and sharing it.

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