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who's listening to what?


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Phish 10-07-00

Well, I turned it off, cause The Man Show came on.

(Yes, I know, but trust me. There is a valid reason I am actually in on a Saturday night)

Did anyone just see the Male Fashion Show?

HOLY CRAP! Was that ever funny.

Typical, everyday loser-guy wear, like the sports fan, and the mafiaso track suit dude, but the hippie was GREAT!

"Whether he is making the scene backstage at a Phish show, or just crashed on your couch, wherever he goes, he's not invited"

And the report on Topless America was rich...... [big Grin][Eek!]

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Yesterday, you listened to BnB, two Fridays from now?

OR, are you coming to Ottawa, 2 Fridays from now, yesterday, to listen/see to BnB?

Or, are you listening to BnB, 2 Fridays from now, and they are playing Yesterday?

That is pretty cryptic man..............

Ok, Man Show, Q&A period

Wayne asks:

Is it ok to have sex while you are on drugs?

Jimmy Kimmel responds:

What kind of drugs do you do?




He answered yes

I see a common theme here folks.

VD, I can give you your mandolin back, if you come.........and again, we have a spare room should you want to party til 4-7 (or later) am.

Sally has a job!

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Well, it's nice to see so many Bill Frisell fans out there. He kicks ass.

I, however, am currently listening to:

Marvin Gaye, "Trouble Man" (OST).


(Okay, actually, I'm listening to some terrible Korean pop - along with the bleeps and bloops and theme music of various computer games - since I'm in a PC room in the middle of Seoul. But I *was* listening to Marvin Gaye, before I left the apartment.)

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Hey vermontdave, glad to see that show has made it stateside. Nero is playing there again this April-an exciting prospect as the room sounds awesome and I get to do sound again...

I've got an absolutely kickin' Who show playing, it's been on every other day by myself or my girlfriend, it's just that good...the energy is so high in this show...here's the details:

The Who

June 12th, 1976

Venue: Vetch Field, Swansea, Wales, UK

Recording: Soundboard

1. Amazing Journey

2. Sparks

3. Acid Queen

4. Fiddle About

5. Pinball Wizard

6. I'm Free

7. How Can We Follow (this is actually the end of I'm Free)

8. Baba O'Riley

9. Squeeze Box

10. Behind Blue Eyes

11. Dreaming From The Waist

12. My Wife

13. Summertime Blues

14. My Generation Jam

Talking About It

Join Together

My Generation

Blues Guitar Interlude

15. Won't Get Fooled Again

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Hux, I'll give you the greatest month, but not the greatest year................

Wait a second, I aint giving you shit.

Phish - Live In Vegas



If anyone wants to talk controversy over the visual quality of this dvd, contact GentleMonkey and have him relay the message to me.



I wish I was at your place right now.

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The bad music videos that I'm forced to watch and listen to at work every day are making me want to kick out some or all of Television's 3 studio albums: Marquee Moon (1977); Adventure (1978); Television (1992). Never boring, with beautiful songs and smoking guitars.

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