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does anyone book shows??


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anyone at all looking to hire a band for awesome music check out the groove asylum. tightest band i've ever heard. it's all freestyle jamming and it sounds perfectly rehearsed. pauses, breaks, runs...7 string bass, drums, MC, trumpeter.

sickest cats around. no need for anyone but the bass and drums but one of the world's top session trumpeters, Nick Ali, is with them...you should really get them in ottawa. they're intense. best groove i've had since even before burt. better than bullfrog's grooves...intense.

like i said, the bass and drums don't need anyhting else...he uses a looper. anyone that's played with me must understand what i was tinking...that's the setup i've been dreaming for total aural possibilities full spectrume for jams and grooves...add intense horn and kickass freestyle lyrics.

serious...talk to giggles...

anyhow, when the honey's blue, it's time to say


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